Fred Lewis Was A Longtime Gold Rush Fan Before Joining The Show

"Gold Rush" miner Fred Lewis has been an important player in the series for nearly four years, joining the main cast after his brief stint as an on-site medic for "Gold Rush: Parkers Trail." Although he has yet to achieve the success of Parker Schnabel himself, watching Lewis' journey over the past four seasons has been nothing short of remarkable — starting from the ground up in one of the most demanding professions on the planet, with almost no experience whatsoever.

Though he may not have had much experience with the actual on-site work that goes into gold mining, it's worth mentioning that Lewis was very knowledgeable about "Gold Rush" itself before joining –- as he was a longtime fan of the series before he ever joined Schnabel's crew. During an interview with KOIN 6, Fred Lewis spoke about his journey as a gold miner and his work in the then-upcoming 13th Season of "Gold Rush," and revealed that he was actually a diehard "Gold Rush" fan before he joined the cast. "I mean, that's why I'm here. I was a big fan of the show. Watched the show all throughout its time, had the opportunity to go work with Parker, saw the opening, and took it."

Not only was Lewis inspired to join the series after watching other gold miners find success on "Gold Rush," but he now hopes to inspire that same sense of purpose in other viewers hoping to break into the industry.

Fred Lewis hopes he can inspire more fans to try gold mining

Following the explanation of his own journey as a gold miner, Fred Lewis went on to say that inspiring people to join the industry is part of the reason why he joined "Gold Rush" in the first place — referencing how his company, "Misfits Mining," has allowed many veterans to find a new sense of purpose after life in the military comes to a close. "We have veterans on our team. We're trying to showcase that even though you've had that transition from the military into civilian life ... that transition's hard ... and gold mining is perfect for veterans."

Knowing that he himself was inspired to take a chance on gold mining due to his love for "Gold Rush," it makes sense that Fred Lewis would want to inspire even more people who like "hard work and big reward," as he puts it. 

In any case, Fred Lewis' journey from "Gold Rush" fan to professional gold miner is one of the most interesting stories in the entire series –- and one which ought to motivate any viewers thinking about possibly changing careers or starting a new journey.