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Breaking Bad: Fans Never Want To Relive This Cringy Walt And Carmen Scene

Despite being revered as one of the greatest television dramas of all time, AMC's "Breaking Bad" still contains plenty of uncomfortable and cringeworthy moments that forced viewers to look away from their screen. Some of these parts were intentionally uncomfortable, like the scene in which Walter White (Bryan Cranston) force-feeds his son Walter Jr. (R.J. Mitte) tequila until the teenager vomits, or the numerous instances in which Walt lies to his family about his business.

Others, like Skylar White's (Anna Gunn) infamous "Happy Birthday" scene (in which she awkwardly drags out the song and flirts with her boss in front of the entire office), are so blatantly cringy that many fans actually skip through them. One such scene occurs in the Season 3 episode "Green Light," where Walt attempts to kiss his school's principal, Carmen Molina (Carmen Serano). The scene is incredibly uncomfortable from the start, as Carmen calls Walt into her office to discuss his erratic behavior, and only becomes more agonizing when he abruptly starts flirting with her.

This bit, like the "Happy Birthday" scene, has become somewhat infamous within the "Breaking Bad" fan community – with many fans on Reddit saying they never want to relive this cringy moment again.

The scene echoes an uncomfortable early plotline about Carmen and Walter

In a Reddit thread from November 2022 discussing which moment from "Breaking Bad" made fans cringe the most, many users expressed their disgust for this uncomfortable moment between Walter White and Carmen Molina — even going so far as to skip the scene on every rewatch.

"I have to skip this scene during rewatches. I can make it through the happy birthday scene just fine, but this one, absolutely not," wrote u/oyelrak. "His lack of both the ability to flirt and social awareness is phenomenal," echoed u/AmericanOdin5. Others like u/SomeBoredBoi said they completely blocked this scene from their memory after watching, and u/cringyamv said they had to close their eyes while watching.

Although this scene is despised by a majority of the "Breaking Bad" fanbase, it might actually have ties to an early plot point that the show eventually scrapped. During an interview with The Fandom Effect, actor Carmen Serano claimed that the showrunners' initial plan was for Walt and Carmen to start an affair after Walt's cancer diagnosis. Though this incredibly uncomfortable scene might have its roots in that early storyline, it's safe to say that many fans still consider it to be one of the most cringeworthy moments in all of "Breaking Bad" — and feel no shame in skipping right through it.