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Family Guy Fans Agree That Quagmire Sums Up Brian's Flaws The Best

The town of Quahog on "Family Guy" is full of interesting characters and the show seems to take advantage of every last one of them. Among the various friendships and rivalries is that of Brian and Quagmire. Peter Griffin's friend and the family's faux intellectual dog have both been a part of the series since its premiere in 1999; both offer nods to some of TV's most celebrated sitcoms while also traversing comedic ground that would have conceivably shocked previous generations of viewers.

Brian and Quagmire have a complicated history that hit a fever pitch during Season 8. An episode which aired that season, "Jerome Is the New Black," led many fans to say that Quagmire summed up Brian as no other character has before or after. His honest opinion was something that could have be pointed at any "Family Guy" mainstay; it just happened to be the character who slept with Quagmire's mother after her gender affirmation surgery — a simple detail that would become pivotal to their relationship as well as their unfolding rivalry.

Quagmire has been accused of hypocrisy

When the question arises about why Quagmire hates Brian, fans are quick to point to his comments in "Jerome is the New Black." In fact, u/Background-Factor817 posted the entire speech, with Quagmire touching on several aspects that any regular "Family Guy" viewer will instantly recognize about Brian. "You constantly hit on your best friend's wife, the man pays for your food and rescued you from certain death, and this is how you repay him?" Quagmire says. The reference is hard to miss, as Brian has long held an unhealthy crush on Lois, yet Quagmire seemingly forgets his own lust for Peter's wife.

Also, while Quagmire acknowledges that he dates women purely for their physical attributes, he remarks that Brian pretends to be an intellectual who's interested in women's minds when he's actually no different. "I don't buy them a copy of 'Catcher in the Rye' and then lecture them with some seventh-grade interpretation of how Holden Caulfield is some profound intellectual," Quagmire notes.

Not everyone approves of Quagmire's critique. u/serialkiller_mne recognized his points as valid but found him to be the last person qualified to judge another's actions towards women. "Quagmire is a literal rapist. He does way worse things than Brian, yet he had the audacity to lecture him," they wrote. It's a sentiment echoed by other users who point to his interactions with not only Lois but also Meg. The latter's age is especially troubling as she is just 18 years old.

Quagmire revealed a surprising difference between Brian and himself

Quagmire goes even deeper into the dissection of Brian's character by challenging his priorities; according to the commerical airline pilot, the dog with some very human characteristics associates himself with a liberal agenda, yet Quagmire notes that Brian does nothing for issues like homelessness. In somewhat of a surprise to viewers, Quagmire reveals that he's been volunteering at the local soup kitchen and challenges Brian to do the same. That might seem like just another comparison, but it speaks to a rivalry that some fans are happy to see less of in newer seasons.

"The rivalry is funny but I don't need to see another whole episode based on it, maybe little bits here and there of them snubbing each other," wrote u/Austinpowerstwo. They went on to cite an episode from Season 20, "Must Love Dogs." In it, Brian pretends to be Quagmire's dog in hopes of helping him win over a woman. Of course, the results are a disaster for both, as one loses out on a fiance and the other is forced to do something they dread. The user called it an optimum storyline for that duo.

Character rivalries are just one part of fan complaints

In response to the battle between Brian and Quagmire, u/Psi001 thought another character could bring order to the chaos. They suggested Peter make the decision once and for all about which side he's taking; of course Peter, being who he is, made them realistic about who would really win. "He'd likely drop both of them for a Game Boy," the user wrote.

The discussion surrounding Brian's character has also delved into a topic "Family Guy" fans have addressed during the most recent seasons. u/Great_Name_Dude found themselves sick of Brian's character devolution, saying, "It's just lowest common denominator comedy." Some fans have been vocal about not only Quagmire and Brian, but the entire cast of characters losing their personalities, with only one key trait remaining. With episodes crafted well before their airing, and Seasons 22 and 23 of the series recently announced, viewers could see these criticisms left behind or grow with upcoming episodes.