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Saturday Night Live Parodies The Royal Wedding With Host Tina Fey

A cool 22.4 million people in the U.S. (via The Hollywood Reporter) tuned in to watch American actress Meghan Markle marry British royal Prince Harry on Saturday, May 19th, so of course NBC had to skewer the wedding on their long-running sketch show Saturday Night Live. The show's season finale, hosted by Tina Fey, featured a sketch at the wedding reception, showing the varied types of guests who were invited to the event.  

The show featured Mikey Day as "ya boy Harry Windsor, a.k.a. Ron Sleasly," speaking to the camera as they made the official wedding video at the royal reception, which is still going strong at two in the morning. Among the people he meets is a tipsy Kate Middleton (Cecily Strong), who says that she used the event as an excuse to let loose, considering the fact that "for the past six years, I've been like, pregnant the whole time."

He then travels to talk to his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II (Kate McKinnon), who is chatting with Markle's great uncle (Kenan Thompson). "I was just telling your majesty here that she has got to start watching The Crown, because they make her look like a b**** on that show," Thompson's character says. "This gentleman has also said that I must visit Philadelphia," the queen replies, shellshocked.

Harry then travels into the next room to see the "cheap seats." There he finds Heidi Gardner's Amber, a model who worked with Markle on Deal or No Deal– and brought her briefcase with her. He also stops by the celebrity table, where he meets Pete Davidson's Russell Brand and Aidy Bryant's Sir Elton John. "Hold me closer tiny ginger," John sings. "Cuz of your hair!" Also present is Leslie Jones, who Tweeted her way to the ceremony.

The real standout, though, is Fey as the Duchess of Devonshire upon Kant, who is both Harry's aunt and his niece. "Last I saw you, you were a wee boy," she tells Harry. "It was after a polo match in Kant, and I was kicked in the face by a horse." Apparently, Harry and his brother call the duchess Auntie Creepy, and she readily admits that she is "a monster and a bit of a pedophile." "Wish you weren't here, thank you for coming," Harry tells her.