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60 Minutes' Profile On Steve Jobs Had Fans Praising Him As An Imperfect Genius

Steve Jobs is seen as one of the maverick architects of information technology. The co-founder and former CEO of Apple was involved in one tech marvel to the next over the course of his career, from the first Apple computer to the iPhone. He died from a rare kind of pancreatic cancer at the age of 56 in 2011, but he left behind a legacy that continues to inspire to this day.

After his passing, many retrospectives were released about his life. He was the subject of two feature films — 2013's "Jobs," starring Ashton Kutcher, and 2015's "Steve Jobs," which cast Michael Fassbender as the renowned innovator. Perhaps one of the fairest summaries of Jobs' life actually came out a few weeks after his death, a "60 Minutes" profile that had fans praising him as a flawed genius.

Viewer @alohatraveler captured this perfectly by pointing to both sides of the designer. "Jobs was a product of perfect circumstances," they wrote in the comments section of the "60 Minutes" YouTube channel. "The good and bad, combined with a deep human desire to understand why and seeing opportunity in areas most people couldn't." In another comment, user @mpesmail1834 wrote that Jobs was "a lonely soul, but he was a true genius." Here are some of their observations from people who watched the fascinating "60 Minutes" show.

Fans praised the 60 Minutes profile for discussing both sides of Steve Jobs

Some episodes of "60 Minutes" can be upsetting because of the subject matter, but the CBS show's discussion of Steve Jobs managed to fully cover the many facets of the complicated man, both the sad and the uplifting. "This showed the iceberg under the cream top," @habboscams6746 shared in the comments section of the YouTube video, adding: "People only usually hear what Steve Jobs did for others but never told the inside struggle we all have to get along with others and achieve our goals." According to @geekmeee, what really makes Jobs such a fascinating figure is all "his comebacks from his flaws."

Some people focused more on the bits of the show that discussed how Jobs rubbed a lot of people up the wrong way in his pursuit of greatness. For example, @BLAISEDAHL96 said that Jobs could have done things differently as far as his personal and professional relationships are concerned. "He could have been more polite to his friends, his business partners and the rest," they wrote. "His wrongdoings can be learned from, as well as his success. Hopefully the next tech titan can learn and do right." Elsewhere, @barak-rocky-giles2081 added how the profile further piqued his interest in Steve Wozniak, the other co-founder of Apple who was not in the limelight as much as his business partner.

There are many more comments under the video (it has been viewed almost two millions times), but the general consensus among viewers is that Steve Jobs was an imperfect genius.