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AHS' Dermot Mulroney Says Billy Eichner Broke His Toe (& Didn't Even Realize)

When Dermot Mulroney signed on for "American Horror Story" in 2017, he probably expected production to be a bit strange, given the nature of the anthology series. However, he couldn't have foreseen taking home an injury with him.

Speaking to People for "Scream 6," Mulroney revealed that "AHS" costar Billy Eichner broke his toe while they were filming Season 7, "American Horror Story: Cult." "I had very little clothes on, and I was about to get stabbed in the head," the actor recalled. "And I had my toe broken by Billy Eichner. I didn't have shoes on, and all the guys that were trying to stab me did. I was already screaming, so I just used the agony. This will be him learning about it — I guarantee he doesn't know."

Mulroney only appeared in one season of "American Horror Story," playing news anchor Bob Thompson. Like most characters, Bob is a particularly awful person, abusing his power at the local news station to make advances on the younger employees. Eventually, the clowns that terrorize the Michigan town in "Cult" come for him, taking him into his attic to murder him. Although Mulroney didn't return for subsequent seasons of "AHS," he at least has this unique story to tell, but hopefully not any lingering toe complications.

Mulroney is glad AHS helped shed light on problems in the industry

Although Mulroney's time on "American Horror Stor" was brief, he's glad he was part of a story that touched on many issues that came to light after "Cult" premiered. The actor describes his character, Bob Thompson, as "a news commentator who's a sexual harasser, who gets his own, like, two episodes later in the most gory and horrendous way," he told HuffPost. "All of this was written before there were any of these horrifying revelations that have come out of the entertainment industry and so many other industries. Thankfully, it's coming out, and we're experiencing this great opening."

Mulroney reminisced about getting a call from "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy about a part in the storyline which the actor described as "remarkably prescient," saying, "They created this world that actually got out ahead of what really happened." While he remains sad that these vile actions even occur in the industry, the actor is "encouraged" that it's progressed to a point where victims have a voice, coming forward to tell their stories without repercussions.

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).