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1923's Harsh Winter Riding Conditions Proved Challenging For Darren Mann

If "1923" has taught us anything about the Dutton family tree, it's that dealing with all sorts of devastating hardships over Montana property seems to be their generational fate. The prequel series follows the events of "1883" as Jacob Dutton (Harrison Ford) and his family fight to protect their ranch in a period where the wild west is clashing with the coming of a more modern world. But besides shady tycoons and questionable tax debacles for land, "1923" makes it clear that life can be particularly tough for anybody in the Montana setting of the series.

This also extends to some of the cast when dealing with the worst of the frontier weather. As Darren Mann, who plays Jack Dutton on the series, recalled to Taste of Country, when temperatures plummeted to freezing lows while shooting, it made things the most difficult. "For me, it was definitely winter riding scenes," Mann said to Taste of Country. "You know, the 1920s gear is not bad, but it can be a little chilly out there when it got down to -15 Fahrenheit and 20-mile-an-hour winds."

Our current era comes equipped with all sorts of heavy coats and accessories that make it easier to bear bitter colds than the old west setting of "1923." So we can only imagine how brutal those chilly winds must feel when strictly wearing vintage gear. And if you think this means the cast of "1883" had it any easier, well, think again.

The Texas heat wasn't kind to Sam Elliott's 1883 outfit

While both Darren Mann and Brian Geraghty told Taste of Country about the challenging combination of old cowboy gear against Montana winters, it's debatable if the two actors would have had a better time on the set of the first prequel series, "1883." While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, "1883" stars Tim McGraw and Sam Elliott noted that filming during some blazing temperatures in Texas presented its own unique challenge. While McGraw commented on the dusty nature of their filming location, Elliott told EW "The first month was brutal. It was 100 degrees and not easy."

Fans of the series may remember Elliott's character, Shea Brennan, sporting a wool jacket over a vest and shirt. So the fact that he wore it during triple-digit weather is unbelievable. It's also a testament to series creator Taylor Sheridan's aim at authenticity with his show's worlds. Sheridan truly did bring his realistic vision of the wild west to life in "1883," and "1923." And for what it's worth, that type of authenticity has greatly helped Mann with his performance as Jack Dutton. He further told Taste of Country, "That authenticity helped me to react instead of act, so it's all a blessing."