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The Walking Dead Scene That Fans Think Is Ridiculous (More So Than The Rest)

The story beats of AMC's "The Walking Dead" could be described in many ways throughout its 11 seasons on the air. Some were scary, others tense, and a scant few proved heartwarming, to name a few positive examples. On the other hand, some big moments wound up labeled with less flattering adjectives. The unlucky scene that has been dubbed one of the most ridiculous by "Walking Dead" fans comes from Season 11's finale, "Rest in Peace," which saw Rosita Espinosa (Christian Serratos) fall on top of a horde of walkers only to miraculously make it out alive.

"When she fell into the hoard of zombies should have been eaten right then and there along with Coco," commented u/Sandwithbighand in a Reddit thread about unpopular "Walking Dead" opinions. Fellow Redditor u/LongjumpMidnight wholeheartedly agreed, explaining that the sheer number of walkers alone would've overwhelmed her. We've seen plenty of characters in the past struggle with just one or two, including Rosita herself. Therefore, the idea that she escaped an entire crowd after falling right in the middle of them is a tad far-fetched, even by "Walking Dead" standards.

As we now know, Rosita wouldn't last long beyond this moment. In fact, she'd meet her end in the very same episode, which was actually a story decision brought on by none other than Christian Serratos.

Serratos wanted to make fans extra emotional during the series finale

For longtime "Walking Dead" fans, Rosita's death was difficult to watch, to say the least. After year after year, season after season of avoiding death at the hands of the undead, she's finally bitten by a walker. She eventually reveals the wound to her allies before accepting her fate. Her close friend Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) kills her before she can turn, bringing her tenure on the show to an emotional end. As Christian Serratos told Entertainment Weekly, she came up with Rosita's death for one major reason: to get fans extra emotional over the series finale.

"I think a show that was about possibly losing your loved ones, you want to lose somebody at the end. I know it sounds so dark, but I feel like the show, we owed it to the fans to break their hearts one last time," she explained, claiming that one of the big selling points of "The Walking Dead" over the years was its ability to make viewers emotional. Thankfully, the powers that be were able to make the final chapter of Rosita's story happen, and sure enough, it became one of the most prominent talking points of the series finale.

While Rosita's improbable escape from a group of zombies in one piece was more than a bit far-fetched, the emotional resonance of her subsequent death made it a tad easier to forgive.