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Gold Rush's Kayla Sheets Pushes Back On Fred's Reputation

Working with family members can sometimes be a curse, boon, or a little bit of both. The popular "Gold Rush" television series has its fair share of families and friends who have taken part in gold mining operations, like Parker Schnabel and Fred Lewis' respective crews, but these aren't the only individuals who work with relatives. 

Kayla Sheets, who is the stepdaughter of Dakota Fred Hurt, appears in 13 episodes of "Gold Rush: White Water." Hurt is known for his no-nonsense behavior, and he doesn't often tip-toe around issues, which tends to irritate some of the people around him. It seems Sheets is willing to defend her stepfather. 

Speaking with Monsters & Critics in 2020, Sheets was asked about Hurt, and she said she liked him a lot before he married her mother, after which point their friendship became somewhat strained as they both adapted to change. Luckily, Sheets was able to work any latent issues out with Fred.

"Fred is the most sincere, genuine, caring person I've ever met, truly," Sheets said. "I wish the show kind of depicted that a little more because he would give the shirt off his back to anybody."

Sheets says there are two sides to Dakota Fred

According to Kayla Sheets, her and Dakota Fred Hurt often experienced some issues while she was on the show, which tended to arise from their very different personalities. This all changed when Sheets decided to wet-suit dive for the gold mining operation, as Hurt's work-personality took a back seat for his family-personality.

"Work Fred and stepdad Fred are two different people," Sheets said, "and I found it very difficult to work with Fred because he's old school, and I'm this know-it-all 30-year-old." Sheets also pointed out that once she was in the water, Fred's personality immediately shifted.

"Fred was absolutely amazing," Sheets said. "He took control of the com system and was speaking to me. He was calming me down."

Although Sheets nor Hurt are currently on any "Gold Rush" shows, Sheets' words prove Hurt is exceptionally kindhearted even with his reputation. This may come as a shock to some "Gold Rush" fans, but editing and the sensationalism of television can completely change a scene or how a certain person is viewed by general audiences.