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What Is The Song In Amazon's Mustache Commercial Directed By Olivia Wilde?

Being comfortable in one's body is an important facet of life, and this aspect takes center stage in Amazon's latest commercial called "'Tache," which can be spotted on YouTube. The advertisement starts with a young woman attempting to wrangle her wispy facial hair. Gazing into a mirror and showing concern, the woman is then seen casting an apprehensive look at some kind of viscous substance, which can only be assumed to be some kind of hair removal product. Exasperated, she looks across her room and sees Eddie Murphy and his mustache in "Coming 2 America," and then her gaze becomes fixed on Frida Kahlo. Empowered, she then looks at a bobblehead of legendary mustache-bearing singer and "Wayne's World" inspiration, Freddie Mercury, and quickly assembles a bright and flashy wardrobe.

The young woman then heads to school, where she shows off some confident dance moves, highlighting that she is now comfortable in her own skin. Throughout the entire commercial, a song by Queen called "Cool Cat" plays, which is hinted at by the aforementioned woman wearing a Queen shirt in the earliest moments of the ad, as well as the bobblehead of Mercury.

Another famous singer was originally part of Cool Cat

"Cool Cat" is definitely a deep cut from Queen's repertoire, hailing from the 1982 album "Hot Space," which also included the famous song "Under Pressure." Originally, David Bowie was part of "Cool Cat," but he requested his voice be removed from the song before the album was released. In a 1982 interview with International Musician and Recording World, lead guitarist Brian May explained, "David just did a backing track. I don't think anyone thought any more about it, except that it was a nice ornamentation. We just sent him a courtesy note telling him that we had used it and he said, 'I want it taken off, because I'm not satisfied with it.' Unfortunately, he didn't tell us until about a day before the album was supposed to be released, so it really set us back. It delayed the album's release."

Of course, using a Queen song for a commercial about empowerment is definitely a smart choice, and this fact doesn't seem like it was lost on the advertisement's director, Olivia Wilde. The "'Tache" commercial is part of Amazon's initiative to highlight how their service Amazon Prime makes dealing with the world easier and considering the results for the aforementioned young woman, it seems like Amazon Prime is a great place to get all sorts of things — and also for listening to Queen albums.