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The American Pickers Were Glad The Owners Of A Dodge Ramcharger Didn't Want To Sell

There are some things, folks will tell you, which man was just not meant to pick. Scabs come to mind. Banjos. The wrong man in a lineup of suspects.

But America is not a land built on "shouldn'ts" and "mustn'ts" and "don't pick thats." It's a place where we take chances. Where we buy things from piles of other things. Where we pick. That's the way that they do things on "American Pickers," by golly, and it's the way things should be done.

So why was it that the stars of the much-beloved reality show were tickled — positively delighted — at being told that they weren't allowed to pick something? For the answer to that question, we turn to the season 23 episode "Flea Market Junkie," in which Robbie Wolfe and Danielle Colby were told by two Arizona-dwelling prospective pickees that they would not be picking a Dodge Ramcharger, no sir, not this day. Their response? Pure ecstasy. Sheer pickless bliss.

Dodged offers from the American Pickers

It's not that it was an unattractive Dodge Ramcharger, not as Dodge Ramchargers go, anyway. What made the stars of this episode of "American Pickers" so happy to leave the vehicle in their metaphorical rearview was the context of the situation.

See, the Dodge Ramcharger in question was originally the property of a vintage car collector named Fred, who would tool around with his lovely wife Mickie, dressed in period clothing and generally being quite a sight to see. After Fred passed away, his family got in contact with the "American Pickers" crew to see if they'd have any interest in combing through the collection — selectively, of course, since there were emotional memories involved.

"I think I'm just still too attached to it" was Mickie's reply when asked if she'd entertain an offer on her husband's old Dodge. The Pickers, to their credit, were very understanding."That Ramcharger still has a life to live there," Danielle Colby prognosticated in a testimonial on the subject. "There's still memory attached to it, and I really love that they won't let it go."

Luckily, the day got even better from there. Have you ever heard of a car duster? They picked a couple of those suckers like champions.