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Yellowstone's Jake Ream Worked His Way Up From Wrangler To Supporting Cast

Because so much of Taylor Sheridan's hit drama series "Yellowstone" takes place on the titular ranch, the show goes to great lengths to accurately portray what working on a ranch entails. Part of the show's perceived authenticity comes from the so-called "Cowboy Camp" that teaches actors how to ride horses and wrangle cattle like actual cowboys.

Although most cast members on "Yellowstone" take some time to master the ins and outs of life on a ranch, for actor Jake Ream, the process was extremely straightforward since Ream is a real-life cowboy. In fact, he first joined the series as a horseman and wrangler behind-the-scenes. Ream appears frequently throughout the series as a ranch hand simply named "Jake," and is most often seen helping out with various odd jobs alongside the members of the Dutton family. Outside of his work on the show, Ream trains horses and runs Ream Performance Horses in Palmyra Utah, further cementing him as the cast member with the most real-life cowboy experience.

Perhaps even more interesting than Jake Ream's real-life background is his swift transition from wrangler to actor, which occurred way back in Season 1 at the request of Sheridan himself.

Jake Ream has become one of the more recognizable ranch hands from the supporting cast

In an Instagram reel titled "Taking the Reins" from the official "Yellowstone" Instagram page, Jake Ream recounts his incredible journey from wrangler to full-time cast member, including his surprising recruitment by creator Taylor Sheridan.

"It kinda started out –- in all of Season 1, I was helping with saddling and wrangling, making sure everyone was safe. Saddles were correct and the tack was properly done," Ream explained. "They needed another cowboy. Taylor put me in a little bit here and a little bit there... in Season 1, he let me do a roping scene that was fun." As the series went on, Ream's part grew larger and larger, and in later seasons, he's seen joking around with all the other ranch hands nearly every episode.

Ream also describes how he originally met the "Yellowstone" creator after Sheridan found one of Ream's horses online and decided to buy it. Ream had no idea Sheridan was famous. Sheridan then called Ream shortly before "Yellowstone” began and asked him to instruct the actors in horseback riding, and the duo have worked together ever since. Considering the fact that Jake Ream essentially joined "Yellowstone" as a wrangler and riding instructor, it's incredible that he's now become one of the most recognizable minor characters in the entire series.