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Jason Sudeikis Tries To Add Actors' Real Talents To Their Ted Lasso Characters

It's no secret that there are several likable characters on "Ted Lasso," but what some fans might not realize is that one of the contributing factors to that abundance of appeal could very well be due to how Jason Sudeikis borrows from the actors when cultivating the personas they play on the Apple TV+ series.

"Ted Lasso" has had a magnificent run since it debuted, and the efforts of everyone on the team have landed the comedy several championships in the form of Emmys, Golden Globes, and SAG Awards. Understandably, many would quickly praise Sudeikis as the show's star and one of its creators, but Ted Lasso isn't one to take all the credit in the face of victory, and neither is the person that plays him on TV. "You know every person [on the show] has added something to it," Sudeikis said in an interview with CNN. "Sometimes it's just what you hear people talking about, or a conversation I've had off-camera." The actor gave an example involving Jeremy Swift's character, Higgins, saying, "he and I are talking about music one day and he's explaining to me his passion for jazz, now he plays standup bass, and I'm kinda like, 'Oh, I think Higgins is gonna get his goatee back, his jazz goatee, and he's gonna play that bass.'"

Achieving victory through collaboration seems to be a winning formula for the "Ted Lasso" franchise, and if people think Sudeikis is the only one pushing this agenda, they may be stunned to learn that a certain surly personality is very on board with this practice.

Brett Goldstein believes collaboration is what makes the show so special

While actor Brett Goldstein stars as Roy Kent, a soccer veteran with a nasty case of resting mean face, some fans may not be aware that he also serves as an executive producer and a member of the show's writer's room. And when reflecting on his experiences with the winning comedy, he hasn't been shy about showcasing his appreciation for the collaboration process. According to an article from the Final Draft Blog, Goldstein mentioned what it was like crafting the characters with Jason Sudeikis, saying, "To be able to change things up once we got to know the cast and play to their strengths and accentuate what they naturally brought to the table; I just loved all of it."

Like Sudeikis, Goldstein also sees the value of working as a unit and believes that teamwork makes the show such a top-tier contender. "I think that this show is made by magic. I constantly feel like we have to be very, very careful not to disturb that magic," Goldstein said in an interview with Gold Derby. "It comes from this spirit of collaboration. Anyone can pitch something or say something, and if it's the best idea, then that's cool. It doesn't matter who you are." He also gave an example involving an idea of one of the focus pullers on the series during the production of Season 3, which the actor confirmed made it into the show. There is no I in the word team, and with everyone participating in the show's success, there will be a lot of names on the wall of theĀ "Ted Lasso" Hall of Fame.