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DC Just Added A Superman Twist To One Of The Darkest Origins In Comics

Spoilers ahead for "Danger Street" #4 by DC Comics

One of DC Comics' darkest origins just got a heartbreaking new detail which now includes Superman. In "Danger Street" #4 by DC Comics, Lady Cop recounts the most terrifying moment in her life, as she recalls her roommates being murdered in front of her as she hid underneath a bed. She reveals that she actually called out for the Man of Steel for help when stuck in the horrifying situation — but admits her calls went unanswered.

While Superman's personal mission is to save everyone he can, Lady Cop sharing she called out for him in hopes that his super-hearing would pick up her pleas for help and he never arrived, is a harrowing new detail to an origin which was already one the most tragic there was, as the incident directly led Lady Cop to join the police force and making the significant change to her life.

Lady Cop's heroic journey started with tragedy

Lady Cop first appeared in DC's "1st Issue Special" #4 by Robert Kanigher, John Rosenberger, and Vince Colletta, which was part of an anthology series showcasing both new and old characters in what was intended to set up future comics. The stand-alone issues introduced new characters like Lady Cop, the Dingbats of Danger Street, and Codename: Assassin. In the fourth issue, the comic opens with a woman, Liza Warner, hiding fearfully under her bed. She watches in horror as her roommates are murdered in front of her eyes. When the police arrive on the scene, she recounts details of the killers, with her acute memory impressive the cops. To get vengeance on her murdered roommates, she enrolls in a police academy, leading her to become Lady Cop and take down the criminal responsible.

More than 40 years after Lady Cop's debut appearance, Tom King, Jorge Fornes, and Dave Stewart's "Danger Street" has brought her back into the spotlight in the pages of DC Comics. The limited series combines the stories of the "1st Issue Special" characters, creating a murder mystery of a slain god and youngster which Lady Cop investigates. In "Danger Street" #4, another police officer suggests to Lady Cop that they should be calling Superman for assistance, leading her to reveal she already asked for his help once. Recounting her origin, where she hid under a bed, Lady Cop says she called his name, but he didn't hear her — adding she thought he heard everything. The new detail adds another wrinkle to Lady Cop's origin, as her calls for Superman weren't met, leading her to become a protector of sorts, as becoming a police officer was Liza's way of helping others in her own right.

Lady Cop's origin reveals a sad Superman truth

The sad truth is that despite Superman giving his all to be the greatest hero, he simply can't save everyone. Despite Superman having more powers than most heroes, as he is faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than just about every hero or villain in the universe, and has super-hearing, allowing him to hear cries for help across Earth at once, he is only capable of so much by himself. So, while Lady Cop called for Superman's support as she hid, frozen underneath a bed as her roommates were murdered, his unresponsiveness isn't necessarily the hero ignoring her calls — it's the limitations of being just one person. But Lady Cop was still left wondering if Superman ever heard her cries for help and whether it's true that he hears everything.

Lady Cop isn't a particularly fleshed-out character in the DC Universe, as she made a small handful of appearances in the comics before starring in the "Danger Street" limited series. Tying Lady Cop's origin to Superman is a brilliant choice, as it shows both why she became a hero and why she might not have faith that even the most mighty protectors of Earth will be there when needed — as she experienced first-hand. If Superman could have saved them, he would have, but that doesn't mean much to Lady Cop now.

Readers can learn more about Lady Cop's origin connecting to Superman in "Danger Street" #4 by Tom King, Jorge Fornes, and Dave Stewart by DC Comics, which is available now in comic book shops.