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Evil Dead Rise Director Lee Cronin Will Give You 50 Bucks If You Spot His Bruce Campbell Easter Egg

"Evil Dead" fans can always be reassured by three constant truths which will reoccur across the confusing and scattershot expanded universe. There will be lots of blood, actors will deliver iconic lines, and Bruce Campbell will insist he doesn't have a role in the film's latest incarnation only for him to show up abruptly, usually in an unexpected way.

It happened with Fede Alvarez' 2013 incarnation of the property, with Campbell repeatedly insisting in the press that he wasn't going to be in the movie, only to show up in a post-credits scene. Campbell has also denied that he'll be making an appearance in April's "Evil Dead Rise." It appears, however, history has repeated itself, and Campbell will indeed be in the film according to the director, Lee Cronin.  

Cronin confirmed to Empire Magazine that Campbell will not be reprising his iconic role as Ash Williams, but he's hidden in the movie. In fact, he dares audiences to find him. 

"Bruce is hidden in the movie somewhere," Cronin said. "Bruce has a small presence in the movie. The first person to figure it out and send me a tweet, I'll give them 50 bucks."  

Cronin reveals Campbell's cameo is well-hidden for a reason

Lee Cronin adds that there's a reason why Bruce Campbell won't be appearing as Ash in "Evil Dead Rise. The director's looking to create a world entirely separate from everyone's favorite chainsaw-wielding housewares employee. 

"It felt like in order to move the franchise somewhere new and to unlock the potential of the universe to tell more stories," Cronin said, "it needed to break free [of Ash]."

This has been the second time Campbell has denied he will appear in an "Evil Dead" project only to end up appearing in the finished product. In Fede Alvarez' "Evil Dead," Campbell's presence took the form of a surprise cameo that was, per Campbell, impromptu, with Alvarez and Campbell agreeing upon it at the last possible minute. 

Alvarez had pitched a larger role for the actor, including a deleted ending in which it is implied that Mia Allen (Jane Levy) and Campbell's Ash Williams do battle after he picks her up while hitchhiking. Campbell demurred, preferring to keep the focus on Levy. Similarly, it appears "Evil Dead Rising" is doing the same by focusing on the new characters instead of Ash.