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Fred Lewis Wants To Turn Gold Rush Into A Family Affair

For many cast members on "Gold Rush" gold-mining isn't just about making a profit, it's also continuing the legacy of the gold miners in their own family. Such was the case for former series lead Todd Hoffman when he followed in his father's footsteps to join the, and with Parker Schnabel when he took over the Big Nugget Mine from his grandfather.

Now, it seems like another cast member is establishing a gold-mining dynasty of his own, as miner Fred Lewis has already brought some of his family onto the site and into the world of Alaskan gold mining. Specifically, Lewis's stepson Christopher Parker joined the Lewis crew back in 2021, and has appeared infrequently working alongside his stepfather across the Alaskan wilderness. Lewis's wife Khara has also appeared several times within the series, working on the site alongside her husband and son. Slowly but surely, Lewis seems to be building up his own family gold-mining business like many "Gold Rush" stars before him — though what sets Lewis's dynasty apart is the unique connection between his company, family, and the military.

Lewis wants to one day get his daughter involved in mining, alongside his stepson and wife

During an interview with Idaho Press, Fred Lewis explained that he built his gold mining company "Misfits Mining" after recognizing that the life of a gold miner would appeal to military veterans like himself — and that he wants to bring as many family members as possible into this veteran-focused environment, since most of his family have all served in the military themselves.

"I'm dragging as much as my family in this as I can because it's not just about helping vets, it's about my therapy," Lewis said. "It's about everybody who served. And my wife was in the Army, my son was in the Army, so they're both up here working with us." Although it's clear that Lewis has prioritized veterans on his job site, Lewis also asserted that he and Khara plan to get their youngest daughter involved in the mining business as well, establishing his company into a family affair.

Lewis went on to describe his belief that bringing his daughter onto the site will help motivate himself and the rest of the team, as she will be a physical reminder of the plentiful riches and future success that they are all fighting for. Though it may not be the first family-run gold mine we've seen on "Gold Rush," it's certainly quite interesting to watch Fred Lewis build up his own gold-mining legacy in real-time — one which will presumably impact his family for generations to come.