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Chicago Med Fans Are Actually Worried About The Lack Of Deaths In Season 8

The "One Chicago" franchise knows how to keep viewers invested. Many beloved characters have come and gone over the years, especially when it comes to "Chicago Med." While one would assume "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D." would have most of the deaths because those characters are putting their lives more in direct danger, "Chicago Med" fans have had to say goodbye to quite a few cast members over the years. Caroline Charles (Paula Newsome) bit the dust during a trip to one of her favorite resorts, and Patrick Choi (François Chau) had an inoperable tumor. 

It's downright devastating for fans to develop connections to these fictional characters only to say goodbye. However, that hasn't been the case as of late on "Chicago Med" Season 8. Redditor u/futuranotfree created a new thread to point out, "anybody notice there havent been any deaths on the show lately?" Things have been awfully quiet on the death front as of late, but some fans think the show's simply biding its time.

Could it be the quiet before the storm?

With a hospital setting, one would assume that at least some patients might become deceased periodically throughout "Chicago Med," but even they have been safe lately. Many fans are pleased that they've avoided any major emotional rollercoasters, with u/catlady86802 writing, "Shhhh!!! Med is the 'safe' show right now. Don't give them any idea." Several others chime in how the lack of patient deaths could be attributed to the inclusion of OR 2.0, which makes seemingly impossible surgeries possible. 

Still, that doesn't account for any unexpected deaths to occur within the staff of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. In the past, the show hasn't had any qualms about offing doctors and residents, and u/PristineSandwich4948 may have an explanation: "It's because most of main characters/actors have already left so [they] really don't have anyone to kill off." A surprising number of characters have died one way or another on "Chicago Med" during its first seven seasons, so it's only natural for the show to give fans a bit of a reprieve from death and misery. 

That's not to say the Windy City is completely safe at the moment. "Chicago Fire" and "Chicago P.D." haven't been afraid to toy with viewers' emotions, so fans can still experience all of the feels on those programs.