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TLOU Finale: Fans Can't Believe The Flamethrower Wasn't Used

Warning: This article contains spoilers for "The Last of Us" Episode 9.

HBO's "The Last of Us" concluded its 1st season on Sunday with a massive cliffhanger, leaving viewers across the world with just one question on their minds: Where the hell was the flamethrower? On Twitter, @KMenzizzle lamented, "Really was hoping Joel would get to use the flamethrower."

As new "TLoU" fans may be unaware, Joel Miller (played by Pedro Pascal) slowly amasses a surprisingly robust arsenal of weapons in the game as he makes his way to Utah, most of which were cut from the TV series. This included a flamethrower, a shotgun, a rifle, a revolver, a bow, a scoped pistol called "El Diablo," and various improvised explosives.

Indeed, by the time Joel decides to save Ellie (Bella Ramsey), players have a neat variety of ways to slaughter an entire hospital's worth of brash idealists. "Man," wrote @EmilyVonSpoopy, "I can't believe that they didn't show me massacring every living being known to man with a flamethrower in the end of tlou show."

They don't call them Fireflies for nothing ...

Though the series depicted Joel bleakly executing the lead Firefly surgeon with a run-of-the-mill gun, former players were simply outraged that the scene was altered from its far more harrowing video game counterpart. "Where was this scene in the last of us finale," questioned @up2anth, who also shared a clip of game Joel lighting the physician on fire.

"Well that finale of #TheLastOfUs was alright," admitted @Tha7Reaper. "Joel killing the doctor with one shot to the head didn't make any sense though, I always roasted his ass with the flamethrower like he was a marshmallow."

Sure, the weapon used to viciously murder the doctor ultimately differs from player to player, but it seems most agree that nothing compares to carrying your surrogate child over the charred corpses of humanity's last hope. It's what a true gamer would do. As @freakymagoo said, "Episode sucked. Joel didn't light the doctor on fire with a flamethrower and kill the nurses. very unrealistic to gameplay."