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American Horror Story Fans Are Divided Over Emma Roberts' Impact On The Series

As fans of "American Horror Story" know very well, the anthology format means that each new season gets a whole slew of new characters. However, it does not mean that it gets a whole new slew of actors, as many actors return for multiple seasons to play different characters — Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, notably, have shown up the most times.

Another actor who has shown up quite frequently is Emma Roberts, who has appeared in five seasons and a total of 46 episodes. Roberts' "AHS" characters include famed actress and witch Madison Montgomery in Season 3, "Coven," as well as innocent camper Brooke Thompson in Season 9, "1984."

Of course, fans are bound to have opinions on the recurring cast members — and "American Horror Story" fans are completely torn on Roberts' involvement in the series, with some thinking she makes the show and others thinking she doesn't add any substance to it.

Fans have strong opinions over Roberts' acting and characters in AHS

On Reddit, one user started up a conversation about Emma Roberts in "American Horror Story," stating that she is one of the key reasons that the show is interesting — and other fans were quick to jump in with their opinions. Some were in total agreement, such as u/makingburritos, who simply wrote, "Madison Montgomery is an icon." In response, u/Frosty-Welcome-5831 noted that characters with Madison-like energy, who behave unexpectedly, are what brings her back to "AHS." Further, u/champagnewitch93 agreed, writing, "I think she's done a phenomenal job in all her AHS roles." And u/kungfupanda27 declared that they love all of Roberts' characters, especially Madison.

However, other fans are of the exact opposite opinion. For one, u/tastefuldebauchery blatantly wrote, "If she disappeared from [the] show I'd not give it a half second of thought." Additionally, u/R1PElv1s, declared that they don't find her to be a believable actress, in "AHS" or otherwise. And u/tinktac wrote, "This is maybe too mean to say but her characters are some of the most underwhelming of any of the routine cast members to me."

Then, there are also a few fans who fall squarely in the middle, such as u/spooky_fairy, who wrote, "I always dislike her characters from a personality standpoint but I appreciate the drama she causes."