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Netflix's MH370 Left Viewers Heartbroken For The Victims' Families

There are few real-world mysteries more fascinating than the case of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. In 2014, the plane vanished mid-flight along with its 239 occupants, none of whom have ever been heard from or seen again. Even roughly a decade after the incident, the subject is still being routinely explored and discussed in popular circles. It certainly doesn't hurt that Netflix released a multi-hour documentary series hoping to shed new light on the case either.

Titled "Flight MH370: The Plane That Disappeared," the Netflix documentary aims to give audiences an overview of the basic facts surrounding the plane's disappearance. It also provides a heaping spoonful of speculation on the incident, including some big theories on what happened to Flight 370. There's certainly an eerie and macabre element embedded within the documentary's exploration of the topic, but many viewers actually found themselves more profoundly struck by the tragedy of the incident and how it affected the families of the victims who disappeared.

Watchers are mourning the loss of MH370's passengers

In the time directly following the release of "Flight MH370: The Plane That Disappeared," watchers took to social media to express their sadness for the families of the passengers who disappeared. "My heart is heavy. No plane can possibly vanish from the face of earth. The families need answers," @raveenathoughts tweeted, adding the hashtag "#stillwaitingforthetruth." Other accounts shared similar words of sympathy. "I hope one day you all get the answers you deserve about what happened to your loved ones," @caz17_04 wrote.

Certain viewers even ended up with a strongly critical perception of Netflix's documentary, with some accusing the series of exploiting the subject matter. "My issue lies in the sensationalism and platforming of these theories [touted] by specific bad actors and pulling the families back in to experience the grief all over again," u/ingenue posted. Likewise, other individuals voiced their frustration at the way the media has approached those affected. "Can't imagine how the families were and still are affected with the uncertainty and how the media, journalists & reporters hound them," @berrymerlina tweeted.

Regardless of where viewers fall in terms of liking or disliking "Flight MH370," the general consensus is that the families of the victims deserve some sort of closure. While official investigations into the incident have largely died down, there are still individuals looking into the incident and attempting to uncover more information. Perhaps one day, the mystery of MH370 may be definitively solved.