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Blue Bloods' Will Estes Plans On Stealing Jamie's Pants Once The Show Ends

"Blue Bloods" has been a CBS staple since 2010. It's currently on its 13th season and still manages to draw in numerous viewers with each new episode. It's easy to see why; people have really grown accustomed to spending their Friday evenings with the Reagan family, who have dedicated their lives to keeping New York City safe. It doesn't seem like the police procedural has any plans on stopping any time soon, which is good news both for fans and the cast.

They get to continue their steady gigs with a show that's both entertaining while tackling real-world issues. Commissioner Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) remains the patriarch of the family while his kids all work for various aspects of law enforcement. Danny (Donnie Wahlberg) is an NYPD detective, while Erin (Bridget Moynahan) works as an Assistant District Attorney. The youngest of the Reagan siblings, Jamie (Will Estes), is an NYPD sergeant. These roles suit the actors like gloves, but if the show ever ends, Estes knows precisely what he'd take from the set as a memento.

It must be hard for Will Estes to find a good pair of slacks

Actors stealing props and costume pieces is nothing new. It often makes for a fun story to tell late-night talk shows, and the actor gets a little souvenir to remember their time working on the project. Naturally, these thefts take place after production has wrapped so as not to interfere with the rest of shooting. And should the day ever come where "Blue Bloods" decides to wrap things up, Will Estes knows precisely what he would take from the set, and it's entirely practical.

Estes was asked by The Nerds of Color about what he would take from "Blue Bloods" if it ended, which it hopefully won't any time soon. Estes responded, "Yeah, Jaime's pants all fit me like a glove." The actor must have a hard time finding a good pair of pants that fit if he's that interested in taking part of his costume home with him. But honestly, if the pants were designed specifically to fit him, it makes sense he wouldn't want to give them up that easily. 

Regardless of how much longer "Blue Bloods" runs for, at least fans can rest easy knowing Will Estes is comfortable in his Jamie costumes.