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Netflix's MH370 Has Viewers Outraged Over The Unanswered Phone Call

It's been nine years since Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 went missing, leaving the fates of the 239 souls on board (227 passengers and 12 crew members) unknown. The mysterious nature of the plane's vanishing has led to all manner of rampant speculation and conspiracy theories. This public fascination with the case, as well as the many questions still surrounding it, paved the way for the new Netflix documentary series "MH370," which attempts to explore possible conclusions as the filmmakers interview the victims' families and recount the timeline and investigation of the disappearance.

Some viewers online have had strong reactions to revelations made by the series, especially the fact that family and friends allege they were still able to make connected calls to passengers and crew after the plane vanished. One woman even claims to have received a call from her father, who was on the flight. Responses to this information from viewers have ranged from confusion to anger, with some believing that these calls could have led to the mystery finally being solved.

Fans don't understand why the calls can't be tracked

On Twitter, users joined under the show's hashtag — #MH370 — to discuss the bizarre findings purported by the documentary series. "So you mean to tell me after the flight MH370 that disappeared their families and friends were calling their phones and they were still connecting and ringing," wrote @TinaMickella. "One person even got a call from her dad but didn't answer it in time. Wtf."

Twitter user @therussellslove echoed, "Wait. Their phones were still ringing after the plane disappeared? And a girl got a call from her dad? What the hell!" many viewers were shocked that these calls weren't investigated further or sooner. As @mxmiracles42 wrote, "No technology to trace the phone call is something I will never be able to accept. What the f***." Some even appeared to be angry at the woman who revealed the call she received from her father. "WHY THE F*** DIDN'T THAT GIRL ANSWER HER FATHER'S CALL WHEN THE PLANE WENT MISSING," wrote @leonardftw. @ZaytunOnce tweeted, "I'm genuinely angry that the girl didn't answer her dads call we would've know more details if she did [sic]."

Though the tones of these reactions vary wildly, everyone seems to agree that their interest in the case has been reignited, and that authorities should investigate the claims made in the documentary. "That phone call is really a huge question mark after 9 years," wrote Twitter user @SParamalingam. "File should be opened back and everyone deserved to get the answer. Netflix has revealed lot of things [sic]."