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Yellowstone Fans Loved Rip Even More After Season 3's Biker Brawl

From the onset of "Yellowstone," resident anti-hero Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser) was on the fast track to becoming a fan favorite. Though some of his more brutal moments involve branding a kid who has no other options than join the ranch, his softer side has endeared him to the viewers. When he's not carrying out John Dutton's (Kevin Costner) dirty work all in the name of cattle ranching, he's cultivating a tempestuous but gripping relationship with cutthroat Beth (Kelly Reilly). 

The on-again-off-again lovers finally found a way to bridge the gap once and for all and find a happy ending (of sorts). Though neither is particularly moral or ethical, that is part of their charm — and perhaps the reason why fans love the characters separately as well. There is no crime too big and no undertaking too outrageous for Rip to take on, and as evidenced by one Season 3 scene, not even a gang of bikers is enough to deter Rip from the type of action fans are used to.

Rip has no respect for personal property

For those who know about Taylor Sheridan's acting past, it's hard to take the biker brawl at face value. The "Yellowstone" creator publicly quit "Sons of Anarchy" after contract disputes and went on to create an outlaw show of his own. So when Rip rams his truck into some parked motorcycles, it seems like this may be more of a pointed scene. After the ranch hands find a California biker gang parked on their land, they ask the interlopers to vacate. But the gang quickly becomes belligerent, and there is nothing left to do but start throwing punches. Rip arrives just in the nick of time to take matters into his own hands, much to the delight of many YouTube fans.

"Love it when rip wheeler crashes into the motorcycles on purpose," user @ianlemieux7208 wrote under the clip. "The look on the bikers faces was priceless. Yellowstone is quality entertainment." For many fans such as @TheAndyteves, this reaction was classic Rip: "I love how Rip's first instinct is to rev up and smash into the bikes. Lmfao One of my fave moments in show."

Other fans chimed in after the scene had become famous. Rip's reputation preceded him so much that the scene attracted viewers to the show. "This scene was the one that made me start watching Yellowstone," @yveaux500 wrote. "If there is a Rip Wheeler [fan club] somewhere, I would hereby kindly like to apply as a member."