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How Idris Elba Behaved On Luther: The Fallen Sun, According To Cynthia Erivo

From "The Office" to "The Wire," from the MCU to the DCEU, Idris Elba has lent his skills to many big-name endeavors over the course of his impressive career. But out of everything he has taken on, his time as detective John Luther in the BBC series "Luther" is arguably among his very best efforts in the realm of acting. Since 2010, the psychological thriller series has received exceptional reviews for each season, and Elba himself has earned four Emmy nominations for his performance as the titular, troubled DCI. 

The new Netflix movie, "Luther: The Fallen Sun," has been applauded by early critics as another excellent chapter in the "Luther" legacy. The first feature film of the franchise sees Luther on the run from Odette Raine, a counterintelligence specialist tasked with bringing Luther in after he escaped prison to stop a killer — played by Academy Award nominee Cynthia Erivo. Despite the cat-and-mouse affair, the two had scenes together, and Erivo wasn't shy about dishing out all the details regarding what Elba was like on set.

Erivo's experiences with Elba were excellent

When Cynthia Erivo was discussing the film "Luther: The Fallen Sun" she revealed that this wasn't her first encounter with Idris Elba. "I knew him before we did this film. It was just nice spending a bit of time with him, working with him, and talking with him," Erivo told Screen Rant. "I loved shooting those scenes together because I think we have a really lovely rhythm, and he's just a really kind, generous actor who creates a lot of space for other people as well. It was really cool." While the character of Luther seems like he can be a bit difficult to deal with occasionally, it appears that's the opposite regarding the individual that plays him. But she isn't the only person from the film that enjoyed working with Elba.

Andy Serkis, who plays David Robey, the tech-savvy rich guy that does serial killer things on the side, had only nice things to say about his experience with Elba on the Netflix feature. "It is lovely to team up with Idris. I have to say, he's fabulous," Serkis said as a guest on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show. "He's a phenomenal actor. And in this part, it's absolutely, purely his thing. I mean, he owns that character to such a great degree." It seems there is no need to investigate further into the matter regarding Elba's on-set demeanor as the case has been closed, with all accounts from witnesses being very positive.

"Luther: The Fallen Sun" hits Netflix on March 10.