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Family Guy References The Beatles More Times Than You Might Realize

"Family Guy" has endured as one of the longest-running animated sitcoms of all time, only behind other classics like "South Park" and "The Simpsons." And it's shown little sign of slowing down either, as Fox has renewed the series for even more seasons. Throughout its time on the air, the series has made a name for itself for its irreverent and often controversial humor style under the guidance of creator and star Seth MacFarlane. "Family Guy" is also a big fan of using flashbacks and numerous pop culture references, especially in regard to popular shows and musical acts. But, really, nothing is off-limits when it comes to the references contained within the series.

"Family Guy" not only uses these random callbacks for comedic effect. The show has also been known to reuse certain gags throughout its run, from the Vern and Johnny recurring bit in the early seasons to Peter Griffin's increasingly ridiculous fights with a chicken. If it can be milked for jokes, odds are that "Family Guy" is going to embrace it. With that in mind, the comedy show has also referenced popular musical groups like the Beatles, and it's actually done this far more times than many fans might realize.

Family Guy really loves making fun of Ringo

A YouTuber by the name of TheEncylopediaofPopCulture 2 made a compilation video in 2018 of all the times "Family Guy" made reference to the Beatles up until that point, and one thing is clear when watching these 10 references to the Fab Four: the writers really enjoy making fun of Ringo Starr. While Starr has made a name for himself through his solo career, he's arguably best known as the drummer for the Beatles. One of the "Family Guy" clips takes a shot at his songwriting abilities. Another has the musician admitting he's from the future, where he admits that CDs are the popular music consumption form. 

Outside of the jokes at Starr's expense, the bit about the drummer being from the future has him adding that he will outlive two of his bandmates, after which George Harrison says he'll "smoke a thousand cigarettes" and John Lennon talks about moving to New York City. This is an obvious reference to Harrison's 2001 death from throat and lung cancer and the fact Lennon was murdered in New York City in 1980.

While one can make the argument that a lot of these jokes are in poor taste, especially the bit about Harrison's real-life incident where he was attacked in his own home by an assailant brandishing a knife, it's not exactly new ground for "Family Guy." The series has built a name for itself by using crude and mean jokes at the expense of real people. But it's definitely a little shocking that the comedy has made the Beatles the brunt of so many jokes throughout the years.