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Naruto Voice Actress Was Disappointed That Fans Spoiled Sakura Marrying Sasuke

It's a difficult truth — not every "Naruto" viewer out there is going to be a very big fan of the iconic shōnen anime's sequel series "Boruto: Naruto Next Generations." However, one element that many agree the continuation does deliver on is providing a satisfying continuation for the story of the original show's characters. Major players from "Naruto" are seen in their adult lives, with each boasting some intriguing and gratifying character growth from how they behaved as children and teenagers. "Boruto" even has a grown-up Naruto leave some of his more childish habits behind.

As many fans may appreciate, "Boruto" also offers some major payoff for the romantic subplots embedded between characters in "Naruto." One of the biggest examples on that front is Sakura and Sasuke, as the series wastes little time revealing that the pair started dating and eventually got married. Longtime fans of the series were no doubt thrilled to finally find out for themselves what became of these characters, but Sakura's English dub voice actress Kate Higgins wasn't so lucky. As it turns out, the performer got spoiled on Sakura's decision to tie the knot long before she meant to find out.

Kate Higgins wanted to find out for herself

In an interview with Funké Joseph, Kate Higgins spoke about when she first found out that Sakura marries Sasuke. Unfortunately for the voice actress, she ended up unwillingly spoiled on this major plot point before she could find out for herself. "I must say, I was so bummed when folks told me Sakura married Sasuke," Higgins said. "I had no idea. I mean, I don't read ahead in the manga so I only know what's going on episode to episode. I really wanted to find out organically what happened because I relate to Sakura so much in this regard."

Higgins may not have been too thrilled about getting spoiled on Sakura's romantic prospects, but her feelings on the actual plot thread are another matter. Higgins supported the creative decision to have Sakura end up with Sasuke instead of Naruto, despite some arguing that Sakura and Sasuke make no sense together. "I probably would have made the same choice that she did," Higgins said, continuing, "However, it's possible neither choice would work."

Higgins has been providing the dubbed voice for Sakura across each "Naruto" series for roughly two entire decades, so it makes sense that she would take important plot developments regarding her character seriously. Of course, "Boruto" is still running in manga form to this day, so hopefully the voice actress doesn't get spoiled on any other major plot points before the time comes to adapt them to the anime.