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Blue Bloods Fans Are Debating Over Jamie's Scuffle In Season 13, Episode 14

Ready to feel old? "Blue Bloods" has been on the air so long that when it first started, Tom Selleck was too young to grow a mustache. He hadn't even been on "Magnum: P.I." yet and the show was just called "Higgins," featuring a guy training rottweilers. Of course, none of this is true. The point stands, however: With Season 13 of "Blue Bloods" currently on the air, the show has lasted roughly twice as long as the average hedgehog. Jumping into the hit CBS drama now is a perilously high dive, with enough stories in the rearview mirror to scare off most casual observers. More than that, after a baker's dozen seasons, nobody would blame someone unfamiliar with the show for thinking that its drama well was probably running a little dry.

Then along came Season 13, Episode 14, which sees Will Estes' Jamie Reagan getting wrapped up in a donnybrook with an inferior, and darn it all if that rhetorical skeptic isn't proven wrong. Longtime fans of the show took to social media in the hours following the fracas, and gosh oh gee, like the patrolman who may have trashed the ladies' locker room, did they have a bone to pick.

When Jamie throws hands, the internet throws shade

By the time Season 13, Episode 14 of "Blue Bloods" had aired, the great democracy of social media had spoken, and Jamie Reagan's fight with a patrolman was deemed the highlight of the story.

Over on Reddit, attention was paid to the chain of command and the consequences waiting for the officer, who user u/save-therhino- suspected had an "automatic suspension" in store for him. "You can't put your hands on a superior officer." But then came the questions of proportional response, with u/lifeinwentworth decrying Jamie's decision to fight back. "He did more than just self defence [sic] too," they pointed out.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, a separate camp was forming, which we'll casually refer to as "Camp Mess Him Up, Jamie." There, fans saw Reagan's response to having a punch thrown at him as, if anything, an underreaction. "I would've loved seeing Jamie following through with that fist fight," wrote @MissIceTee. "Rip 'em all!" wrote @Grim5orrow9

Wherever fans landed in the debate over Jamie's actions, it's clear that Episode 14 gave "Blue Bloods" fans a lot to talk about.