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Ryan Bingham Says That A Scene In Yellowstone Once Looked Like A Tarantino Movie

Seeing how "Yellowstone" centers on the Dutton family, it only makes sense they get the lion's share of attention in each episode. However, an appropriate amount of time is also spent on those who take care of Dutton Ranch. The ranch hands may not have the same level of wealth and power as the Duttons, but they have intriguing stories all their own, especially when it comes to Walker (Ryan Bingham). 

He's a musician and former inmate who winds up with a job on the ranch, courtesy of Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser). He's been a part of the show since the first season and has definitely had his fair share of storylines, including one where he gets into a tense showdown with another ranch hand, Lloyd (Forrie J. Smith). In Season 4, Episode 6, Lloyd smashes a guitar and drives a knife into Walker's chest, resulting in a scary scenario for all involves. Fortunately for Walker fans, he makes it out of the situation alive, and while it was scary in the drama, Bingham went on the record as saying how it was so much fun to film. 

The pressure was too high at first

"Yellowstone" is no stranger to life-or-death scenarios, and Walker found himself in a precarious predicament when he suffered a knife in the chest. He manages to live through the ordeal, and Walker and Lloyd make amends in the following episode. But no doubt it was traumatic for fans to witness such a horrific act of violence. 

When speaking about the knife scene to Taste of Country, Ryan Bingham gave props to the special effects team for making the assault look so realistic. He said, "The special effects and the costume designers and the blood and the gore of that stuff is so cool to be a part of and watch how they do that and how they implant the knife in you and all of that stuff." He went on to describe the process of getting fake blood to look like it was coming out of a wound, revealing this hilarious behind-the-scenes detail: "I remember the first couple of takes they had the pressure turned way up on that line so when she pulled that knife out it was like a Tarantino movie. Blood was spraying all over the room and all over everybody."

While over-the-top blood effects work for Quentin Tarantino's stylistic sensibilities, it probably didn't feel at home on "Yellowstone." The finished product looks incredibly realistic, making for heart-pounding drama "Yellowstone" is known for.