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Ted Lasso's Brett Goldstein Loves Getting Paid To Use This One Roy Kent Talent

Premiering in 2020, Apple TV+'s heartwarming comedy "Ted Lasso" became an instant hit, garnering rave reviews from critics, tons of award nominations and wins, and a massive audience tuning in. Overall, fans and critics thoroughly enjoy the eternal optimism and uplifting words of affirmation from the series' titular character (Jason Sudeikis). Hopefully, Season 3, which premieres on March 15, 2023, will live up to everyone's expectations.

"Ted Lasso" follows a small-town American football coach and his attempts to guide a once-great English soccer team to victory. Unfortunately, Ted knows little to nothing about the sport and even less about how to coach a soccer team. However, he still manages to motivate the team and bring a modicum of success through his compassionate approach to coaching. As is the case with most comedies, the series is populated with a cast of colorful characters.

One particular character with a very colorful vernacular is Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), the team's captain-turned-assistant coach. Roy is a former all-star footballer whose skills are matched only by his grumpiness. A foul-mouthed, ornery exterior masks a fairly sentimental man with a strong capacity for love, especially for his niece Phoebe (Elodie Blomfield), and girlfriend Keeley Jones (Juno Temple). But whether he's coaching young girls or live on a newscast, Roy isn't afraid to drop a few F-bombs regardless of who's present.

And apparently, the character's severe case of sailor's mouth is a talent that his actor shares.

Brett Goldstein likes to get paid to swear

In 2021, Brett Goldstein appeared on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" following his Emmy nomination. Host Kimmel points out the excessive swearing that the character is known for, a trait that Goldstein quickly confirms that he shares, before joking about how much he enjoys getting compensated not only to curse but to curse in front of children. "It's always been a dream of mine to get paid to [swear]," he quips. "It's something that I've got good at. You gotta use your talents. And also, it's another dream to swear in front of kids legally... It's funny, swearing in front of kids."

Any viewer can point out that Roy Kent is a practitioner of profanity, but to what extent can your average fan determine his proficiency? One Redditor decided to take up the challenge by applying data analysis to Roy's frequent usage of the F-bomb.

User u/howitzeral came up with a graph that charts the number of "f***s" Roy utters in each episode of the series thus far, the length of time that he appears in each episode, and from those two data points, they were able to extrapolate the number of F-bombs Roy drops per minute. The result is a glorious graphical representation of Roy's proficiency with the most notorious of swear words. For the most part, many fans were quick to give OP the props they deserve for taking the time to track something so silly. Redditor u/Mists_of_Analysis provided the most-liked comment, replying with a succinct, "This is f*****g beautiful."

In case you required further evidence of Roy's fluency in fruity language, another dedicated fan took to YouTube and posted a compilation of Roy Kent F-bombs for your enjoyment.