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Jonathan Majors Continues His Knockout Run With Fans In Creed 3

Jonathan Majors just can't stop winning. Less than a third of the way through 2023, it's already been a banner year for the actor. February marked the star's first full-fledged turn as Kang the Conqueror, the next major villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania." While critical reception has been mixed, fans applauded Majors for carrying "Quantumania" on his back. Thankfully, it seems like he's keeping up that positive streak with his next credit as the antagonist of "Creed 3."

The latest film in the "Rocky/Creed" franchise pits Michael B. Jordan's titular boxer against his childhood-friend-turned-rival Dame Anderson, portrayed by none other than Majors. It may be another instance of Majors playing the ostensible "bad guy" of a movie, but that hasn't stopped fans from voicing their appreciation of his performance. In fact, some "Creed 3" viewers ended up on the side of Majors' character when all was said and done.

Majors' performance as Dame is a hit with viewers

Following the theatrical release of "Creed 3," viewers took to social media and forums to express their enjoyment of Jonathan Majors' turn as Dame. "I also thought everyone really did a great job in their roles, but Jonathan knocked it out of the park as Damian," one Reddit user commented. "Gave off incredibly uncomfortable 'me against the world' vibes throughout."

Users specifically enjoyed the nuance Majors brought to the role, making Dame a sympathetic character while still firmly positioning him as a powerhouse of a villain. "To be charming, terrifying, and magnetic like that... I was relieved whenever he was off the screen so that he couldn't inflict more damage but also wanted him back on the screen immediately to watch him work," @becomingcry tweeted. Some viewers, like u/MazeyEJ, even found themselves rooting for Dame to beat out Michael B. Jordan's Adonis by the ending of "Creed 3."

Based on the reaction among fans, Majors is proving to be one of the biggest highlights of "Creed 3." That positive reception bodes well for the actor's future projects as well, with u/mrquotes particularly looking forward to his upcoming star role in the athletic drama "Magazine Dreams." As @danthemcmahon summarized their feelings: "Honestly I hope all movies are Jonathan Majors movies for the next 10 years."