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Gold Rush Star Fred Lewis Has A Personal Reason For Creating Misfits Mining

For some of the cast on Discovery's "Gold Rush," gold mining is an established family affair. For instance, Parker Schnabel famously started on the series as a young kid working for his grandfather's gold mining operation before taking it over in Season 2. On the other hand, other cast members like Fred Lewis came into the gold mining profession as literal outsiders. Lewis' introduction into the "Gold Rush" series started thanks to the spin-off "Gold Rush: Parker's Trail." Lewis came aboard Schnabel's team as medic and security.

But it didn't take long before the former military veteran decided to try his hand at gold mining. Lewis debuted on the main "Gold Rush" series during Season 11. And while other cast members like Schnabel and Tony Beets continued a legacy of gold mining with their businesses, Lewis was looking to start his Misfits Mining operation. Like Lewis, Misfits Mining is composed of military veterans, which may come as little surprise from a man who thinks gold mining is like the military. But Lewis also had a more personal reason for creating the Misfits Mining crew.

Fred Lewis' personal struggle after the military led to him creating Misfits Mining

Fred Lewis' journey toward gold mining wasn't an instant or easy transition from the military. Actually, as he said in an interview with the Idaho Press, the veteran's life was immensely challenging after his years of service as he struggled to find his place in society. In the interview, Lewis further explained his aimless years of gaining college degrees in majors that didn't interest him and teaching and coaching gigs that he never felt fit. However, gold mining seemed to be the right profession for him and potentially for other veterans.

"I didn't find my purpose," Lewis said to the Idaho Press. "But when I found gold mining, I knew right away it could be something that many vets could gravitate to, so that's why the [Misfits Mining] company started. We live a dream up here. No matter what we're going through, we're together."

Lewis has had his share of ups and downs on "Gold Rush." And it still remains to be seen if he and Misfits Mining can reach the same heights as some of the other operations on the show. But no one can deny that his motivation for starting Misfits Mining ideally comes from well-meaning intentions. After all, going from the military to civilian life can be rough. As Lewis said in another interview with People Magazine, something like Misfits Mining could have made all the difference in his life after his service. "I know during my transition from the military I could have used something like this," Lewis said to People. "There were several occasions I look back on and realize had someone only believed in me, I could have done better."