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Trey Parker's 3-Year-Old Daughter Once Voiced Ike On South Park

When you think of "South Park," chances are four names spring to mind: Eric Cartman (Trey Parker), Stan Marsh (Parker), Kyle Broflovski (Matt Stone), and Kenny McCormick (Stone). Since the series began way back in 1997, their endeavors in the small town of South Park, Colorado, and beyond have taken center stage. Although, just because they're the main characters doesn't mean they're the only ones who've stood at the forefront of the show. In addition to celebrities, fictional beings, and their fellow South Park residents, some of their extended family members have basked in the spotlight.

Seeing as "South Park" has been on the air for decades at this point, the minds behind the show have been able to showcase a wide array of characters from Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny's families. Among the most prominent are Stan's father, Randy (Parker, who enjoys voicing him the most), Cartman's mom, Liane (April Stewart), and Kyle's father, Gerald (Stone), to name a few. Even Kyle's adopted Canadian brother Ike has maintained a consistent presence on the crass program, giving some fortunate kids the chance to do some voice acting here and there.

Several individuals have voiced Ike Broflovski throughout the small screen tenure of "South Park," including the then-3-year-old daughter of Trey Parker, Betty.

Betty Parker recorded her lines as Ike with her father by her side

Yes, at just 3 years of age, Trey Parker's daughter, Betty, took over as the voice of Ike Broflovski in 2016. She made her debut in the role in the episode "Oh, Jeez" from Season 20, going on to play Ike numerous times beyond it. In a sweet behind-the-scenes video (via TheNightShift on YouTube), fans can see the process behind her foray into voice acting. As she puts her all into her lines, her father is right beside her to calm her nerves and make the experience fun. Of course, he's also there to let her know that it's alright to swear, at least in this instance.

As if it wasn't cool enough that at such a young age, Betty gets to voice act for one of the most popular adult animated shows ever with her dad at her side, Ike is a character widely adored by "South Park" fans. Redditor u/Trumpets69_ opened a thread in 2022 to discuss him, and for the most part, folks in the online community seem to love Ike. "He's not on the show very often, but when he is it's always the funniest," u/walmart-brand-barbie commented, with u/RubiksTheTerrible even pointing out how wholesome it is to see Betty and Trey in the recording booth together.

It has taken numerous voice actors to bring Ike to life over the years, and as evidenced by the video of her recording her lines, Betty Parker is among the very best.