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TWD's Alanna Masterson's Zombie-Slaying Skills Came From Her Childhood

"The Walking Dead" is a post-apocalyptic AMC zombie drama inspired by the comics of the same name. After 11 seasons, the main TV series might be over, but "The Walking Dead" universe is far from ready to lay in a peaceful grave. A handful of spin-off projects are currently in the works, such as "Isle of the Dead," starring Maggie (Lauren Cohen) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

But not every character will get the honor of returning. "The Walking Dead," much like "Game of Thrones," reveled in killing off main characters before they had time to stretch their wings. One such shining star snuffed far too soon was Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson). First introduced as something of a timid figure, Tara grows into a powerhouse leader, unafraid to take command or to take a life, whichever the situation requires. As it turns out, Masterson's personal history primed her for one of those options. And it's, uh, not the one you'd think. Here's the story, as shared by Masterson herself. 

Has anyone heard from her brothers lately?

During an interview with Filler Magazine, Alanna Masterson explained how taking down zombies on camera came naturally to her. Without explicitly saying so, she implied that her first onscreen kill only required a single take, something she attributes to her upbringing. Specifically, the part where she had four brothers. "I've been fighting zombies my whole life," joked Masterson. "Zombies with slingshots, hockey sticks, BB guns, and the like. I guess I can thank [my brothers] for my aim." Masterson provided no further explanation, nor is it required. The visual images conjured by her answer are very, very clear. 

For the curious, Masterson's first episode in "The Walking Dead" is Season 4, Episode 6 ("Live Bait"), but her first onscreen kill isn't until Season 4 Episode 10 ("Inmates") when Glenn Rhee (Steven Yeun) enlists her aid so that they can both safely navigate and escape a zombie-infested prison complex. As Tara Chambler, Masterson rapidly disposes of three zombies with three headshots. There are no misfires, only surgical slaughter. It's possible that this sequence is not the one that Masterson is referring to, as TV shows don't always film events in chronological order, and her body count increases by two only moments later. For these latter two, she uses less precision, downing the first with a knife and the second with the butt of a rifle. 

At this point, the question must be asked ... Are her brothers okay?