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Baby Yoda Is Breaking Google (Literally This Time)

No matter how much they keep saying his name is Grogu, Baby Yoda has been dominating the "Star Wars" corner of the cultural zeitgeist ever since he debuted in "The Mandalorian" Season 1. Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) has clearly been just as enamored with the little dude as the rest of the galaxies both near us and far, far away, seeing as he's spent the bulk of his own show and a couple of episodes of "The Book of Boba Fett" making sure that the two will never, ever be separated.

Because Grogu is one of the more prominent recent arrivals in the "Star Wars" universe, and because Baby Yoda is a way funnier name than Grogu, it makes sense that whenever the little guy makes an appearance, fans both casual and obsessive take to Google to find out what the li'l guy is all about. Now, the character is breaking Google once again ... but for what just might be the first time, he's doing it entirely literally. 

A fun new Google search trick allows Baby Yoda to wreak havoc on the search results

Baby Yoda is a prominent Force user at a comparatively young age, and a new Google trick that may not be entirely coincidental with the arrival of "The Mandalorian" Season 3, he can now wreck your Google search screen with his telekinetic tricks. What's more, you can decide just how much scenery the kid destroys. 

The Baby Yoda Google quest begins with the simple task of typing "Baby Yoda" on Google's search bar. After a split second of bliss that comes with the expected array of Baby Yoda-centric search results and image suggestions, Grogu himself turns up in a bottom corner of the screen. If you click him, he'll make one of his patented Force-user gestures, and look and behold — the search suggestions start breaking apart, layer after layer. With every click, he wrecks the next search result, creating a pile of Google result rubble as he goes. 

Not only is this very true to how the character would probably behave in the unlikely event of finding himself caught in a search engine, but the Baby Yoda mayhem of this latest Google trick is the perfect thing for any Mando fan who has some time to waste, and wants to see how high the pile of broken search results can grow.