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Outer Banks Fans Are Annoyed Over JJ's Lack Of Storyline In Season 3

The following article contains general spoilers for "Outer Banks" Season 3.

Fans of Netflix's "Outer Banks" are definitely fond of its core cast of treasure-hunting, love-addled teens. Some of them are obsessed with the romance between Pogue John B. Routledge (Chase Stokes) and Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline), his Kook-turned-Pogue true love. Others are very into the love triangle developing between John B, Sarah, and Kook Topper Thornton (Austin North), which heated up quite a bit during Season 3. But one member of the Pogue clan has been getting less attention as Season 3 has gone on.

JJ Maybank (Rudy Pankow) has been a Pogue from the word go. As John B's best friend, he finds himself tangled up in the gang's antics. JJ often goes to bat for his friend when no one else is there to help him out, and many of JJ's Season 2 and 3 storylines have revolved around John B. Aside from his rebellion against his father and his simmering relationship with rich kid Pogue Kie Carrera (Madison Bailey), a union some fans of the show think is its main event, JJ hasn't mad much personal growth. And some "Outer Banks" fans have had enough of JJ's life being stuck in endless stasis.

Reddit fans want more and better for JJ

Fans posting to the "Outer Banks" subreddit definitely think that JJ got the short narrative shrift during Season 3 — and they're not happy about it.

"I feel like he was mostly in the background this season. He didn't get much character development other than his relationship with Kie," said u/lyndsmy21 in their post about JJ's lack of forward motion in Season 3. They added that they saw a casting notice for a younger version of JJ and heard rumors his father would reappear in Season 3 and were disappointed that his story basically amounts to him assisting his fellow Pogues. Indeed, fans had been speculating before the release of Season 3 that it would revolve around JJ, leading to disappointment when that didn't come to pass.

Redditor u/NeuroDivergent1991 agreed, stating, "He already felt like a side-note in season 2. It would've been more than fair to have him take a bit more of the spotlight." And u/marinarasauce0 declared that the group's general lack of caring for JJ, who was berated multiple times for actions he undertook while he was homeless during Season 3, was deplorable. "I guess it just annoys me bc JJ is truly ride or die for the other pogues but when it comes to him he's put on the back burner," they said.

But some fans of the show think that a little bit of JJ goes a long way. "I'm actually good with how much screen time he gets, even if it doesn't seem like enough," said u/SpicySlushi. We'll have to wait until Season 4 rolls around to see if JJ's story picks up.