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Even Tulsa King's Cast Was Surprised By How Much Comedy Was In The Show

It's probably wise to assume that many viewers did not expect a series about a Mafia capo starring Hollywood tough guy Sylvester Stallone to embrace its comedic side, and they weren't the only ones surprised by the amount of humor that was showcased during the first season of "Tulsa King."

Throughout the Academy award nominee's illustrious career, Sylvester Stallone has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to portray a vast array of unique personas in a multitude of stories spanning many genres, sometimes several at once. While it's no secret, he has struggled in the past while attempting to earn laughs in comical features, with some of those endeavors occupying space on what some consider to be amongĀ his best and worst-ranked movies, anyone that has watched Sly over the years knows there have been hints a comedic side, and "Tulsa King" showcases it.

And Stallone isn't the only one that makes viewers giggle, especially since Martin StarrĀ is notorious for cracking people up on shows like "Silicon Valley" and "Party Down." Andrea Savage is another talented player on the roster whose resume has a significant amount of ventures in the realm of comedy. But despite her experience in the field of funny, she was somewhat shocked at the number of silly situations and shenanigans that made their way into the Paramount+ series despite it being labeled as a drama. And Savage was not the only one caught off guard by this amusing revelation.

Several castmembers were flabergasted at the amount of funny featured in Tulsa King

Andrea Savage's turn as Stacy Beale is a bit different from some of the other projects that make up her body of work, or so she thought when she signed up. But the well-known comedy actress and several talented people in the lineup would soon realize that things played out much differently than anyone had most assuredly anticipated early on. "I think the amount of comedy that was sort of leaned into for the first couple episodes was a little bit of a surprise to all of us," the actress said while talking to Decider. "So I think we're all like, 'Oh, this is more comedic than we thought we were shooting.'" Savage also mentioned how she felt about the comedic element sneaking into the drama she signed up for, saying, "To be honest, I really liked that balance. And I hope that season two can find that balance again. Because I thought that was a really fun, interesting, dark comedy that I really enjoyed."

Although some were astonished at the number of hilarious moments featured throughout the gangster narrative, the way the first season blended the two genres resonated with home audiences and critics. Fans of "Tulsa King" most likely showed up for the fish-out-of-water mafia takeover story, and many of them, in all likelihood, had no problem sticking around for all the laughs along the way.