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Breaking Bad's Anna Gunn Envisions A Surprisingly Happy Ending For Skyler

Despite the fact that "Breaking Bad" is jam-packed with sleazy manipulative criminals who will murder indiscriminately just to ensure they make a profit, the character who received by far the most hate throughout the show's five seasons on air was Skyler White (Anna Gunn) — wife of chemistry teacher turned drug kingpin Walter White (Bryan Cranston).

In retrospect, it's easy to understand the reason Skyler was so hated. Fans wanted Walter to be the hero of the story, even as he became more and more of a villain, and Skyler was constantly getting in the way of his goals. That said, it's also clear that the fan hatred towards her was excessively cruel and wildly misdirected — as her decision to separate from Walt and keep him away from their children came from a very rational, very human place. By the show's end, Skyler and her family had lost everything as a result of Walt's actions, being forced out of their home and essentially losing all of the money that Walt had earned for them (until the events of "Felina" that is).

Although Skyler's fate in the show seems extremely depressing at first glance, Gunn has a much more positive notion of where the former car wash manager ended up — hoping that Skyler did find a happy ending after all.

Anna Gunn thinks Skyler and the family retreated to the Bahamas

During an interview with POPSUGAR Entertainment at the Miss Golden Globe Party in 2013, Anna Gunn described her vision of where Skyler White ended up following the finale of "Breaking Bad."

"I hope she and Marie (Betsy Brandt) took some of that money and bought a little place in the Bahamas," Gunn explained. "And took the kids and got a little place on the beach. I don't know. And then Marie is stealing stuff so they're just living a good life." Gunn's cheeky remark about Marie's kleptomania (a recurring and rather absurd subplot from "Breaking Bad") is sure to give plenty of fans a good laugh, and it's certainly heartwarming to hear her hope that Skyler and her children both used Walt's money to achieve a happy ending.

Considering the extremely low number of "Breaking Bad" characters who receive a happy ending (one of them being Aaron Paul's Jesse Pinkman, as shown in the ending of "El Camino"), Gunn's comments seem incredibly optimistic, even if Walt's money did end up reaching the family after all. Although this vision of Skyler's future may not remedy all of the heartbreak she's endured, one thing is for sure: if there was anyone in the show who deserved a vacation to the Bahamas, it would be Skyler White and her family.