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American Pickers' Mike Wolfe Bought A $300 Lamp That Reminds Him Of Yellowstone

Since 2010, audiences have been following the travels of Mike Wolfe on "American Pickers" as he visits collectors of rare artifacts in small-town America. For Wolfe, one of his favorite parts of the job is tapping into the mindsets of these individuals, each of whom has their own unique story to tell through their collections.

A prime example comes in Season 23, Episode 20 ("Naughty and Nice"), which sees Wolfe and fellow picker Danielle Colby head to Detroit, where they encounter Joe, who boasts a wide-ranging collection. Upon walking into the living room, Wolfe and Colby are greeted by countless dolls, all hand-crafted by Bernard Ravca. Though Joe isn't willing to part with any of these French pieces, he introduces his guests to a wonderland of goodies in the basement, including a pair of naughty bookends and countless records by female artists.

In the attic, Wolfe immediately notices that the items differ from those in the rest of the house. There are lamps and other pieces of vintage furniture, leading Wolfe to wonder if this was once the storage space of an interior designer. He's spot on. Joe's late partner Dean was, in fact, a talented interior designer who kept his collection upstairs. Though it's hard for Joe to part with these belongings, it warms his heart that Wolfe is so excited about the pieces — especially one lamp in particular.

Mike Wolfe discovered a lamp that could be at John Dutton's lodge

When Detroit resident Joe brings Mike Wolfe to the attic to browse items from Dean's interior design career, the "American Pickers" star lights up. A self-proclaimed "lighting guy," he's enthralled by the array of antique lamps. One is the focus of his attention: It's chunky and wooden, with a large shade featuring red glass. Not only does he like the structure of it, but he also loves that it could've come from the set of a popular Paramount series.

"This is a masculine lamp ... This is a craftsman, bold, masculine lamp," says Wolfe. "This is the kind of lamp you see Kevin Costner sitting next to on a table in his lodge on 'Yellowstone,' that kind of lamp."

Wolfe ends up buying the lamp for $300. Though parting with Dean's possessions is difficult for Joe, it's a cathartic experience. "Seeing Mike get so excited about the things that Dean collected was really good for me," Joe says, "and it was just bringing back all these memories of the fun times we had."

This "American Pickers" episode is a win-win for both parties. Joe gets to reminisce about his late partner while Wolfe embraces his inner John Dutton. Plus, that a simple lamp can catapult Wolfe into the world of Dutton's Montana ranch says a lot about the work of "Yellowstone" set designer Carly Curry, who actually owns a ranch with her husband. She told Deadline that, along with input from real-life cowboy Forrie Smith, who portrays Lloyd Pierce, her team was able to create an accurate rancher ambiance, adding, "We don't do fake on 'Yellowstone' ..."