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HIMYF Fans Love Seeing Judge Judy (And Her Judy Juice) In Season 2 Episode 6

"How I Met Your Father" has certainly been having a lot of fun since Season 2 started. Then again, the group of friends on the show are almost always having fun — well, that is, until they run into some kind of romantic obstacle or a bad decision comes back to haunt them, like when Sophie (Hilary Duff) and Jesse (Christopher Lowell) end up going to the home of a couple who bought Sophie's picture of Jesse. Unfortunately, this dinner becomes exceptionally awkward when the couple's motivation is revealed, which results in Sophie and Jesse taking the photograph back.

Speaking of bad decisions, the most recent episode of "How I Met Your Father" features a powerful necklace, proxy therapy, overbearing fashionistas, and of course some really terrible mint wine. This mint wine is purchased by Charlie (Tom Ainsley) for the bar, which is owned by Sid (Suraj Sharma). At a loss for how they will get rid of this mint wine, the two decide to claim that the wine is created by Judge Judy, the famous judge. 

However, the surging popularity of this re-branded wine soon attracts the attention of Judge Judy herself, who intimidates Sid and Charlie into giving up the wine. She then immediately begins to sell the wine herself, going so far as to star in her own commercial. Of course, when a real-life figure like Judge Judy shows up as herself, fans can't but help go wild.

Fans absolutely love that Judge Judy cameo in How I Met Your Father

The popularity of Judge Judy (real name Judy Sheindlin) and her shows cannot be underestimated — the actual judge earns about $47 million a year while also generating around $160 million for CBS in licensing fees and advertising. In other words, Judge Judy is a titan of both the entertainment world and the judicial system, and one doesn't want to get on her bad side, which is probably why Charlie and Sid quickly capitulated when brought face to face with Judge Judy and her demands in "How I Met Your Father." This hasn't been lost on social media, where several people have expressed their adoration at the surprise cameo.

On Reddit, u/Pengers92 felt like Sid and Charlie trying to sell the aptly named "Judy Juice" was very much like a Ted (Josh Radnor) and Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) move from "How I Met Your Mother." Similarly, Twitter denizens @jftb0418 and @gingerneighbor were also enthusiastic about the "Judy Juice" moniker, while another user was completely shocked at the appearance of Judge Judy. 

Others were also surprised at the cameo, like @trandomGO and @xMandiMusicLove. @KhamGSkates took things a step further by posting a GIF of Judge Judy doing a shimmy, and tweeted, "Judge Judy was one of the best parts of today's episode." Regrettably, "Judy Juice" isn't a real thing (as of yet), but it seems as if "How I Met Your Father" fans still loved seeing the iconic judge pop up on the show.