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SyFy's Chucky Had Fun With A Jennifer Tilly Joke At Family Guy's Expense

Jennifer Tilly always seems to steal the show — whether in film or series, the actress makes her presence known and takes over with memorable characters. The Oscar nominee has built up an impressive resume with films like "Bound" and "Bullets Over Broadway," but one role arguably stands above them all — Tiffany Valentine.

Valentine is potentially even more devious and calculating than her partner turned Good Guy doll Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky (Brad Dourif). Over the course of several films, she's proven to be a constant that helps Ray while looking out for her own interests. Bringing the killer doll to TV could have included numerous possibilities — luckily, Don Mancini was front and center.

Instrumental in the entire franchise's creation, Mancini knew how important Tiffany was to any project; reintroducing not only her but famous characters Andy (Alex Vincent) and Kyle (Christine Elise) into the mix has no doubt helped the series become must-see viewing over two seasons. Still, it's not Tilly's only prominent contribution to TV, and "Chucky" wasn't about to let it go unmentioned.

Jennifer Tilly's Family Guy role makes its way into Chucky's world

Season 2 of "Chucky" brought the series' teenage characters to the Catholic School of the Incarnate Lord. Meanwhile, Tiffany is keeping her own secrets about holding Nica (Fiona Dourif) hostage. In what is one of the season's best episodes, "Death on Denial" turns the series into something akin to a twisted Agatha Christie whodunit. Guest stars Gina Gershon, Joe Pantoliano, and Tilly's real-life sister Meg all show up to spend time with Jennifer. Murder and mayhem ensue, spilling over into the next episode, "Doll on Doll."

It is revealed that Tiffany is holding Jennifer, stuck as a Tiffany doll, in a cage. While that might sound wild enough to satisfy any twisted horror fantasy, the story becomes even better. Tilly's recurring character status on "Family Guy” provides a strange answer to how Tiffany stays financially afloat through all this depravity.

The characters reveal that Jennifer is being fed chocolates while answering fan mail and paying bills. To keep making money, she continues voicing Bonnie Swanson on the long-running animated series and playing online poker; Tilly is noted for being a competitive player in reality, participating in various World Poker Tour events. The arrangement doesn't last much longer. Selected details ultimately trip up Tiffany as Jennifer sets a trap that only her sister understands — leading to Meg's death and a fiery getaway. It also sets in motion strange events that will also lead to Jennifer's death — still in doll form, no less.