What The New Superhero Reveals In Batman V Superman Mean

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has finally hit the streets of Gotham and Metropolis, and we've got all kinds of juicy spoilers to talk about (you've been warned). Unless you've been trapped in the Phantom Zone, you've known all along that we'd be seeing a whole bunch of new DC superheroes for the first time, but just how these guys were going to appear was the real surprise. Unfortunately, Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg don't actually show up in the movie aside from a dream sequence and some surveillance footage held by Lex Luthor. Still, the implications of these heroes showing up now are pretty huge. It's time to meet Batman and Superman's upcoming Justice League comrades.


No matter what you think of Dawn of Justice, Aquaman's reveal is pretty cool. LexCorp's video footage of the character starts off showcasing an underwater shipwreck. Emerging from a hole in the wreckage is the King of Atlantis himself, covered in tattoos and brandishing a trident. We have to admit, the former Conan and Khal Drogo, Jason Momoa, is looking quite impressive. Aquaman's presence means that there's probably a whole undiscovered race living beneath the sea, be they Atlanteans or SpongeBobs.

The King of Atlantis

The fact that Aquaman's deep sea footage wasn't immediately leaked on the Internet is either a huge plot hole, or because a private organization, likely LexCorp, specifically went metahuman-hunting in the ocean. DC's new movie world has technology that's way beyond our own, both because of human innovation and alien discoveries. If mankind has been unable to find a complete undersea civilization by now, something is definitely wrong. It's doubtful that Aquaman is just a lone fish-man, so where is the rest of his people?

The Flash

Because the DC Extended Universe is considered separate from the company's current line of television shows, we don't know a whole lot about the whole metahuman thing yet. In The CW's The Flash, Barry Allen's dormant genes are activated by a nearby particle accelerator's explosion, being struck by lightning, and getting doused in chemicals, but how's it going to be explained in a Justice League film? While Aquaman and Wonder Woman are the products of straight up being from different races, The Flash seems like he's just a human adapting to his newfound speed, so metahumans might just be DC's blanket term for anyone with special powers, no matter where they've come from.

The Scarlet Speedster

In one of Bruce Wayne's multiple dream sequences, he sees The Flash reaching through a wall (and time, apparently), to tell him that Lois is the key to...something. Because of Batman's weird Knightmare prophecy, we can pretty much take this whole thing as canonical and related to something that happens in a future film. Lois wasn't really the key to anything in Dawn of Justice, unless you count being a constant damsel-in-distress as the key to something. What if Lois Lane dies in the future (don't forget she died in the original Superman movie) and this somehow turns Kal-El into the dreaded, unstoppable villain Batman was thinking the Kryptonian was capable of being? Most likely, this is The Flash vibrating himself through time in order to issue a warning to his other Justice League members. Maybe we'll see The Flash give warnings to his future team members as well?


After a tragic accident, high school athlete Victor Stone is reassembled with robotic parts by his scientist parents who just can't let go. In Dawn of Justice, we see some kind of humanoid husk strapped to a table for a while before a strange machine starts moving and seems to do all of the science-y, life-saving stuff that his dad was unable to do to. The camera cuts out, and we see no more, but presumably, Cyborg is off somewhere in the world while all this junk is happening with Doomsday.

Tin Man

Cyborg is best known for being a member of the Teen Titans, as well as a founder of the Justice League in DC's New 52 continuity. His presence here is the result of some bizarre technology that we haven't seen before, but it's doubtful that it's Kryptonian, since giving Cyborg alien-related origins would be too ridiculous even for DC. He's kind of a wild card, but like the Genesis Pool of a Kryptonian ship, it means that there's yet another way to cheat death in the DC Extended Universe.

Wonder Woman

Despite her brief and confusing time on screen, Wonder Woman revealed that she's at least 100 years old. She has also mingled with the crazy world of mankind before, but she just got sick of the whole thing. Who wouldn't? Her standalone origin movie, premiering in 2017, is going back a century to explain that weird picture LexCorp found. The presence of a whole Amazonian island that has also eluded discovery by man only points to more magical stuff going on in these movies. Losing an undersea kingdom is one thing, but misplacing a whole island is inexcusable in a world where robotic technology can literally reverse death.

The Justice League

As the movie closes, Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman talk about bringing together the other metahumans they both saw in Luthor's files, mostly because Bruce keeps on having bad dreams. Batman is a guy who builds a contingency plan for everything, so having a whole team of Superfriends is probably his dream come true, especially with Superman currently out of action. That, and keeping the kind of metahumans he only recently started trusting very close to him, offers the best of both worlds. There's no telling how all of these superheroes will come together, or if there'll be even more by the time the real Justice League film comes around, but our money's on Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips arriving.