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Carlacia Grant Had To Overcome A Major Fear Filming Outer Banks' Elevator Scene

Besides love and rival gangs, Netflix's "Outer Banks" takes the serene chain of islands off of the coast of North Carolina and turns them into a set for class struggle and a sprawling treasure hunt. In other words, "Outer Banks" has a lot going on, and the freshly released Season 3 of the show certainly hits the proverbial gas right away, which makes sense considering the bombastic events at the end of Season 2, which saw the protagonists marooned on a seemingly deserted island.

Season 3 starts with the group on the now-nicknamed "Poguelandia" island, and although they soon believe themselves to be rescued, it is revealed that their assumption is anything but accurate, and instead, they must deal with armed individuals and Carlos Singh (Andy McQueen). Luckily for the Pogues, they have the new official addition of Cleo (Carlacia Grant) into their group, and her efforts lead them to the site of an abandoned hotel in Episode 2. And it is here that Grant experienced a major issue with filming.

Grant isn't the biggest fan of heights

During Episode 2 of Season 3, titled "The Bells," Cleo and friends investigate an old and dilapidated hotel, but they soon find themselves surrounded and forced to make some quick decisions, with one involving shimmying down an open elevator shaft. This isn't some short little drop, though, and Cleo and her compatriots face a potentially lethal drop. However, it seems as if this moment isn't a creation of computer-generated images or a green screen, as the actors themselves actually had to jump and grab hold, an issue that Carlacia Grant had to work through for the sake of her character.

Speaking with Netflix's Tudum, Grant was asked to pick the most challenging stunt to pull off during the filming of Season 3, and she didn't even hesitate with her answer. Grant replied, "Elevator shaft for me. I am very afraid of heights. We were four levels above the ground, and we just had to run and jump. And Cleo is cool, so I had to run and jump and look cool, and I had to be the first one jumping off of the plank." This means that Grant had to come overcome a fear of heights, which around 3-6% of the population suffers from, in order to nail this specific scene. But at least it is now known just how seriously Grant takes her role in "Outer Banks."