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Gold Rush Fans Know Who They'd Pick For Their Own Crew If It Came Down To Janae And Fred

If you watch "Gold Rush," then you're likely to have some definite views about the folks who run the mines and the people they employ. Maybe you're a huge fan of Parker Schnabel's driven approach to prospecting. Maybe you have a fondness for Tony Beets' blustery, tough way of handling problems. In any event, you're incredibly likely to have a strong opinion about the show's cast and how they manage their mines.

When it comes to Fred Lewis, "Gold Rush" fans definitely haven't held back when it comes to expressing their thoughts about him — they've gone on record about what they see as ineptness and incompetence on Lewis's part. They've also claimed his crews lack energy and proper management. But even though Lewis is in the viewership's proverbial doghouse, certainly there must be a miner, past or present, whom they think he could outmanage. 

To wit, a fan on the "Gold Rush" subreddit asked who their fellow members would rather have on their mining team — Fred or Janae Clayton, a 16-year-old member of the Clayton mining clan who's made a few appearances on "Gold Rush." Fans replying to the thread have a surprisingly decisive opinion about which of the miners they'd rather have digging up dreams on their dime.

Viewers would pick Janae in a heartbeat

According to folks hanging out at the "Gold Rush" subreddit, they'd take working with Janae Clayton over Fred Lewis any day. 

"I think Janae is more practical than Fred. Fred was perfectly happy waiting for the ice to melt for months until Tony told him he should mine the other ground," said u/Phantommike20 in a response to his thread which pitted the two miners against each other. Other fans harkened to what they see as Lewis's repeated mistakes and lack of ability on the job. "As an operator I've watched Fred and he is absolutely clueless, which is why there is very little footage of him actually operating a machine, he couldn't even get the dozer off the trailer," agreed u/TheJackBurton86

All doesn't seem to be lost for Lewis, however, as several fans said that they'd rather work with him than Clayton. "He is a hard worker with a dream," said u/ingerstand. Lewis, to his credit, seems to be aware of his unpopularity among the "Gold Rush" fanbase and has taken it in stride in the hope of helping fellow veterans find support. Lewis explained to the Idaho Press that while he didn't expect the show to bring negative opinions to his door, he's willing to endure the internet's slings and arrows to be helpful. "It's a weird environment to be in and nothing I'm used to, but I welcome it," he said. "Come at me, and I'll talk to you. I don't care."