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Grey's Anatomy Fans Are Torn Over Whether To Love Or Hate Jo

Ugh. Jo. Look, we don't have to tell you, Jo can be a lot, but is it all too much? Well, that's for the democratic process to decide.

First, some backstory for anyone not already with a foot firmly in either Camp Pro-Jo or Camp No-Jo. Doctor Jo Wilson/Stadler/Karev/Wilson Again (played by Camilla Luddington) is an important member of the Seattle Grace Mercy West/Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. She's had a good run on "Grey's Anatomy," first appearing in the Season 9 premiere, which is to say, it's not like she hasn't had time to develop as a character. Season 9 aired like, during the Truman administration. We've been to the moon since then.

And so it is with heavy-hearted confusion that fans took to the r/greysanatomy forum on Reddit to discuss the question of our age — "Jo: Good or Nah?" More specifically, user u/Lower-Celebration341 put it to the masses that "There are a lot of people who really don't like Jo ... I'm not fully caught up so maybe she gets worse but I love her." The course of love on a platform where everyone gets to comment never did run smooth, however, and people had some feelings. The floodgates of opinion were opened. 43 comments swiftly arose, and hell followed with them.

Grey's Anatomy's Jo: Total bro or no-go?

First came the detractors. "I think she's just boring," stated u/LetsGetRowdyRowdy, who presumably prefers their characters more rowdy rowdy. "I never really cared for her that much to begin with," u/Mercylic chimed in, "but what she did to Steph really made me dislike her." This, presumably, refers to Jo's accusation that surgical resident Stephanie Edwards had faked her childhood struggle with Sickle-Cell Disease, an indignity which Edwards learned to forgive.

Then, like powerful Valkyries, in rode the Defenders of Jo Wilson — a steadfast and hardy lot of devotees. "I love Jo," wrote poster u/Oncer93, leading the charge. "I won't justify her past behavior, mostly in regards to Stephanie ... and she could be whiny. But to act like she's still that person is wrong."

The debate didn't end there. "(Jo) definitely has her bad moments, but so do all of the characters," stated u/Babettesgnomes. "I think people just WANT to not like her," accused u/Working_Jello_8370. "I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically," joked u/AutoModerator. In the end, readers knew what they've known for ages: Jo is a complicated character. In 2018, Refinery29 held her character's story in the episode "1-800-799-7233" as an example of representation of victimhood done right. Two years later, Vulture rued the fact that they had to keep up with Jo stories, writing, "Poor me for having to sympathize with a character I can't stand, you know?" Still, there's one thing on which longtime "Grey's Anatomy" fans can agree:

Jo lives in her car.