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Woody Harrelson Loves To Hear Himself Think In The Promo For His Upcoming SNL Hosting Gig

In 2023, Lorne Michaels' "Saturday Night Live" is a television staple, a series so iconic and recognized around the world that if it were to come to an abrupt end, it would truly mark the end of an entertainment era. At the time of this writing, it's in the midst of its 48th season on NBC, and while it's fair to say that the show has dipped a bit in quality, it continues to bring in big-name Hollywood stars to host. This batch of episodes alone has already seen the likes of Miles Teller, Keke Palmer, and Aubrey Plaza take on hosting duties.

Following the incredibly buzz-worthy February 4, 2023 episode, which saw "The Last of Us" and "The Mandalorian" star Pedro Pascal host for the first time, the next installment will see the return of a frequent "SNL" face. Woody Harrelson is set to take the Studio 8H stage by storm for the fifth time in his career, with him last doing so as a host in 2019 with musical guest Billie Eilish. This time around, he will feature with musical guest Jack White, who's no stranger to the "SNL" scene himself, having made several appearances on the program over the years.

To promote Harrelson's entry into the fabled "Five-Timers Club," the actor takes a trip down memory lane and goes deep in thought during a "Saturday Night Live" promo.

Harrelson's boombox puts him in an awkward situation

Walking down a long hallway, Woody Harrelson marvels at a wall full of "Saturday Night Live" hosts. He recognizes Tom Hanks, but hilariously gets mixed up at the sight of Ben Affleck, Owen Wilson, and Matthew McConaughey. All the while, a voiceover of Harrelson's voice plays and gives us some insight into what he's thinking. However, we soon find out that this is no mere glimpse into Harrelson's head. He's actually carrying a boombox that's playing recordings of his voice for everyone around him to hear.

Confused by this, "SNL" newcomer Devon Walker asks him what the deal is with the boombox. Harrelson reveals that he pre-records all of his thoughts (yes, every single one), prompting Walker to test this idea. He asks Harrelson what he thinks of his outfit, and the speakers blurt out a far from sugar-coated assessment of his clothing. Flustered, Harrelson stops the recording from playing and claims he needs to go change the batteries — only for him to press play as he's walking away and reveal that was indeed a lie (via "Saturday Night Live" on YouTube).

All in all, this is a fun little promo for what should be a fun "Saturday Night Live" episode. The episode will air on February 25, 2023.