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Criminal Minds Fans Agree That Knowing This Trivia Means You're In Too Deep

"Criminal Minds" has been around for a long while, now long enough that the series could legally drive if it were sentient and had the requisite appendages and a license. During that time, it's grown (or evolved — get it?) into a beloved franchise that continues to entertain fans. But viewers enjoy media differently than they used to, and trivia aggregation sites like IMDb have fundamentally altered our collective brain chemistry. That last sentence might stray dangerously close to libel, but the thesis still stands: Consuming minute detail and behind-the-scenes information is socially integral to any modern viewing experience. 

It's not just socially integral, either; it's fun, which makes the following question all the more difficult. Is there a point where even the most loyal of fans have to step back and say this is too much info to possess? Well, according to the "Criminal Minds" subreddit, yes. That line exists, and specific trivia has been placed beyond it. Naturally, we read the list. If you're curious or unafraid of forbidden knowledge, stick around to see just how deep into the "Criminal Minds" fandom you already are! 

Keeping it in the family

Season 12 Episode 6, "Elliot's Pond," sees the Behavioral Analysis Unit investigate the sudden disappearance of three children who were out riding their bicycles. As the search progresses, the team begins to suspect that the incident is related to a similar event from 30 years prior, in which a set of twins were abducted by one Reginald Clements (actor's name withheld for dramatic purposes). Clements does not appear in the episode because he isn't the culprit behind the case at hand — well, not directly, at any rate — but the camera lingers on his mugshot, which is displayed via Penelope Garcia's (Kirsten Vangsness) computer screen long enough that keen-eyed fans were able to clock the actor. 

Don't recognize him? Don't sweat it. That grimace belongs to John Gubler, an attorney whose last name should be familiar to "Criminal Minds" fans. That's right; Matthew Gray Gubler's father, a.k.a. Dr. Spencer Reid. Between the real-life lawyer jokes and the less savory taunts that naturally come with playing a child kidnapper, the poor guy probably never hears the end of it at Thanksgiving dinner. 

From a one-off to spin-offs

When writing a crime procedural, certain elements are necessary for staying power. One such aspect of success is featuring a Quirky Lab Lady. Hey, it worked for "NCIS," right? For "Criminal Minds," that role is filled by Penelope Garcia, a Technical Analyst and Media Liaison Officer who later becomes a Supervisory Special Agent. Don't get bogged down in all the jargon. For now, the only important thing to know is that Garcia possesses the kind of friendly charm that cannot be ignored, even by the cast and crew. During a 2016 interview with Parade, Kirsten Vangsness said, "I was only supposed to be in one episode, and then they brought me in for the second one ... it just built from there." The episode in question? Season 1 Episode 1, "Extreme Aggressors." That's right, Garcia was initially meant to vanish into the ether in 2005.  

Vangsness attributes this incredible growth to her natural chemistry with Shemar Moore, a.k.a. Derek Morgan, with whom she enjoyed a lively conversation early in the process. Perhaps Moore did put in a good word for her, but he can't take all the credit. Since becoming a prominent cast member, Vangsness is the only performer to appear in every series under the "Criminal Minds" banner. Neither spin-off, "Suspect Behavior," nor "Beyond Borders," managed to draw a crowd, so Vangsness' presence therein might not be widely remembered, by diehards will always know. 

A complete cast of canines

"Criminal Minds" is about facing down the dregs of humanity, which takes an emotional toll. Maybe that's why there are so many puppies around, but only if you pay attention. The best boys of "Criminal Minds" don't precisely get star-billing screen time, but they're present and have names! In Season 1 Episode 21, "Secrets and Lies," Derek Morgan reveals that he owns a dog named Clooney, presumably a bulldog (Shemar Moore loves bulldogs), and probably named after the actor. Morgan feels like the kind of guy who would like Clooney, right?  

Then there's David Rossi, who, in Season 3 Episode 6, "About Face," is first seen with Mudgie, his chocolate lab that goes hunting with him. Mudgie's name is one of the first words that "Criminal Minds" fans ever hear Rossi speak. Lastly, there's Luke Alvez (Adam Rodriguez), who, in Season 12 Episode 3, "Taboo," reveals that he owns a Belgian Shepherd named Roxie. Later, in Season 13 Episode 7, "Dust and Bones," Alvez admits that he adopted her to help himself cope with civilian life. See? Everyone needs a little emotional support.