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Alex Borstein's Favorite Line In Family Guy Comes After A Nauseating Scene

With over 20 seasons under its belt, it's safe to say "Family Guy" has produced more than its fair share of iconic moments. From cutaway gags to poignant one-liners, the writers of the show have proven that it deserves to stand among the all-time TV comedy greats. And to commemorate the show's 400th episode last year, the voice cast had the chance to talk about what they've enjoyed the most over their time on the show. 

The Hollywood Reporter spoke with the main cast members, including Lois Griffin voice actor Alex Borstein, about their time on the series. Lois' husband, Peter, may get into the lion's share of shenanigans, but she's had plenty of opportunities to get a laugh. She's forcefully convinced Peter to go to Meg's play and ordered a bully's mother to give up his candy to Stewie. All these great lines have come courtesy of the expert comedic timing of Borstein, but there's one line the actress loves above all others. 

'Who wants chowdah? is the perfect button to the ipecac bit

Season 4's "8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter" easily has one of the most iconic bits from the show's history. Peter Griffin starts buying a ton of stuff from Mort's Pharmacy with his newly established tab. He buys crates of ipecac and convinces Brian, Chris, and Stewie to partake in an ipecac drinking contest. Things are only fine for a few seconds until they all start uncontrollably vomiting on each other in what's easily a moment from the show that went too far. The scene goes on for a long time, probably longer than it has any right to. But just when things seem calm, Lois enters the scene to wrap up everything perfectly. 

As it turns out, that line is Alex Borstein's favorite of all time. When asked what her favorite line of dialogue was, she responded, "It's in an episode where all the guys take ipecac and they vomit for what feels like 45 minutes. After a perfect beat, Lois Griffin walks in from the kitchen and says, 'Who wants chowdah?'" To punctuate the moment even further, the guys vomit in unison one last time after Lois walks into the room. 

It'd be hard to comedically top a two-minute-long sequence of characters throwing up, but Borstein was more than up to the task and nailed it. Lois may not get as many gross-out moments as the boys on "Family Guy," but with three words, she proved she can be just as hilarious.