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One Piece Fans Can Finally Experience The Dragon Ball Z Crossover They Never Got To Watch

The Grand Line remains full of mysteries after two decades. One could argue that Monkey D. Luffy, Zoro, Tony Tony Chopper, Usopp, Nami, and Sanji have seen it all since coming together as the Straw Hat Pirates. "One Piece" fans could say the same since the anime debuted in 1999 — two years after the manga's first publishing.

Viewers in the United States have already been treated to the latest cinematic outing in the "One Piece" franchise — something wrapped in its own surprises. "One Piece Film: Red" was already a hit in Japan before releasing to robust international grosses. The world-building elements included the addition of Shanks' adoptive daughter Uta; her publicized performance opened old wounds for Luffy as well as the man who knew the singer best. It might have seemed like "One Piece" had no more mysteries left, but U.S. viewers are about to find out what Japanese audiences have known since 2013.

A crossover event is coming to the US

A special episode of "One Piece" is set to finally debut in the U.S. According to a Twitter post from Toei Animation, "One Piece" Episode 590 premieres as part of Toonami's March 4 programming lineup. Those who have never heard of the episode and those who have long anticipated it are in for a treat thanks to its creative blend of characters.

What makes it so special? During this episode, the legendary franchises "Dragon Ball Z," "Toriko," and "One Piece" will come together for one unique crossover event. Everything centers around a tournament whose grand prize appeals to gourmet aficionados — Carat Sizzled Cattle meat. The prized food option comes from a rare breed of cattle whose diet makes it unbelievably delicious. Of course, gourmet hunter Toriko is front and center, but the real surprises come from Goku and Luffy's appearances.

American fans may have heard about the event yet it has been almost impossible to find legally. Those who chose the illegal method of pirating were often met with versions that lacked visual or audio quality as well as any necessary dubbing or subtitles. With no DVD or Blu-ray release, adding to physical media collections was also impossible. There's currently no word as to whether this will finally get a release or be available on-demand after its initial airing.