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Ant-Man 3 Highlights The Weakness In Kang's Quantum Realm Security

Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) certainly knows a thing or two about getting stuck in bizarre places, namely the Quantum Realm, having gotten trapped there for the duration of the Blip. Now with Ant-Man's latest endeavor, "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," Lang and his family are pulled into the Quantum Realm together, and it's definitely a place that has its own set of rules.

Considering that the Quantum Realm exists on the very smallest edges of reality, and can only be accessed by shrinking down to the very building blocks of the universe (or multiverses), the laws of physics and time act very differently. Of course "Quantumania" spends almost the entire movie exploring this fascinating and mind-bending realm, and audiences are given a chance to see some of its colorful denizens, though this also includes Kang the Conqueror (Jonathan Majors). Unfortunately, Kang is brutalizing the Quantum Realm and almost has it under his complete control during the events of "Quantumania" — though some fans are pointing out a pretty glaring weakness among his fortifications.

How many times did security guards get picked off in hallways?

Kang the Conqueror built a very technologically-advanced empire in the place that was meant to be his prison. He has legions of followers in his command throughout the Quantum Real, including an army that stretches as far as the Lang/Pym clan can see, typically clad in glowing blue helmets that render the soldiers faceless. However, it is shown fairly quickly that some of the so-called most sophisticated defenses in existence can be easily breached, which has raised a few eyebrows among some fans.

On Reddit, u/TotallyJawsome2 wrote, "Anyone have the official count for number of times a character was being forcibly walked down a hallway by two guards who get taken out with shrink punch/kick combos?" This statement caused u/flamagramma to reply and say that they are happy that somebody else noticed this. u/yrqrm0 took things a step further, and mentioned that all of the guards getting taken out made the movie feel like a joke and u/NothingButLs added, "The blue helmet guys are hilariously inept. How many times does someone escape from them? At least three times. I feel like that's going to become a meme." In other words, it seems like despite Kang's impressive technology, hallways and small squads of guards aren't exactly doing him or some audience members any favors.