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Deleted Scenes From The Office's Booze Cruise Episode Showcase Creed's Musical Talent

Despite sharing the screen with laughably eccentric characters like Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), Michael Scott (Steve Carell), and later Robert California (James Spader), there's no question that the most ridiculous (and most mysterious) character in "The Office" is Creed Bratton, played by the actor of the same name.

A former guitar player and singer for the rock band The Grass Roots, actor and musician Creed Bratton plays a fictionalized version of himself within "The Office." With a heavy emphasis on fictionalized. Throughout the series we see Creed display a wide array of bizarre behavior and seemingly criminal activities. Once, he admitted to leading (and following) several cults, and another time he claimed to have stolen the identity of "Creed Bratton" from somebody who had wronged him. On one memorable occasion, he even showed up to the office drenched in blood, though luckily he was able to pass it off as a Halloween costume.

The series makes it abundantly clear that there's a lot going on with Creed, most of it illegal, though oddly enough they don't really make use of his real-life musical talents until the very finale. That said, there is one incredible deleted scene that shows Creed rocking out on a guitar during the  episode "Booze Cruise."

Creed rocked out on stage during Booze Cruise

The season 2 episode "Booze Cruise" saw the members of the office going out for a company bonding exercise on a cruise across Lake Wallenpaupack, which Michael Scott had inexplicably booked for the middle of January. Most of the episode is devoted to Michael's futile attempts to give a leadership seminar in spite of the ongoing party aboard the ship, though Creed Bratton says that there was another scene that didn't make the final cut which would've shown off some of his skills on the guitar.

"In season 2, on the deleted scenes on the DVD, I play a guitar in the episode 'Booze Cruise.' It was just too long for the episode," said Bratton in an interview with Vanity Fair. "Everybody was disappointed because it really turned out cool. Michael was on the guitar, playing 'Smoke On the Water' just horribly. I say, 'Hey, let me take a shot.' And Michael says, 'The thing's not even in tune, Creed. It's a defective ax, my friend.' And of course, I rock my ass off, you know, and he gets all upset."

Unfortunately, it seems like this particular scene isn't available on YouTube or Peacock, though it has actually been uploaded to TikTok courtesy of nick_the_it_guy. Just as Creed described, the scene is extremely long but shows off just how much he can rock — much to Michael's annoyance. Although the extended length of this clip probably justified its removal from the episode, it's still an amazing display of talent from the hilarious Creed Bratton.